Americas Last Chance

“You never change anything by fighting the existing. To change something, build a new model and make the existing obsolete.”

Buckminster Fuller 1895-1983

I never question the wisdom of people who have proven their place in history. Some wisdom proves to be enlightening while others wisdom proves to be less remarkable. Richard Buckminister Fuller, when he made the above statement wouldn’t have known that I, and possibly others would look at it in a completely different focus than the way he probably intended. Richard B. Fuller was a designer, author, and inventor. I believe he truly was referring to material things, buildings, objects, etc. when he made this statement. When I first read it I also directed my thinking in the same direction, toward the material items in life, however; after reading it a few times a thought came into my head that I would like to have asked him if this was what he was thinking and that is, to change the thinking of people. This principle can be applied to America. America has been in existence for 242 years and has worked pretty well compared to the rest of the nations. Therein lies the problem, how do the progressive liberals and our socialist leaning generation change America. They have learned by a few defeats in the courts and push backs by Americans who aren’t yet ready to give up America especially in our most recent Presidental election that they can’t rush in and make changes. What they have learned through patience is to build a new America, not in the material sense but in books, and classrooms through teachers that want a different America than the one that has worked for so many years. They are building a new America while at the same time teaching that the America that has endured for so long is broken, antiquated, or obsolete as Buckminster Fuller so plainly stated. The question is are they going to be successful? I fear so unless enough Americans come together with one thought of preserving America the way it was intended. People who are willing to use whatever their gift might be, whether it be talking, writing or organizing and becoming involved in the election process starting at the very lowest level of elected officials. The best place to start is with your local school board elections’ after all not being involved has given the school boards across America a free rein to teach whatever lesson plan (Common Core and history as being rewritten by the American Revisionist) they want.


It’s time for a change in America. I made the statement in a recent post that we elected President Trump for several reasons one of which was “to drain the Swamp” the only problem is he can’t actually do it without us. He can’t fire congressional members, he can only show them for who and what they actually are, the rest is up to us to take the word forward ensuring they are replaced with people who are in the same mindset as you are. Recently, we have heard several embarrassing statements during The Grammies and the “Peoples State of the Union.” These are just two of the most recent events. The short list of Hollywood and music celebrities attending these events and speaking includes, Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore, Amy Schumer, Wanda Sykes who named President Trumps supporters as the “Ugly Underbelly”, Cynthia Nixon, Singers Andra Day and Common, and lets not forget singer Camila Cabello who made the statement America was “built by dreamers” and “for dreamers” (She is the only person of the group to make a correct statement) when she made the statement she was talking of the “dreamers” who have entered America illegally over the last 5,10 or 15 years, however, America was built by people who had dreams. The difference is these people were already here, they came over with the early settlers, and there is a difference between settlers and dreamers. Many have asked why haven’t the Dreamers become citizens? The answer is simple and that is once they become legal citizens their ability to receive money and benefits under several government run programs will stop.

The Peoples State of the Union was sponsored by several left wing organizations including Planned Parenthood and a George Soros funded group and others. Why am I going to this detail? Because anyone can see the established liberals have a well-organized plan. They have organized groups who plan meticulously down to the finest detail. How have they been able to do this? As I said earlier we, myself included, have turned our children over to these people without ever questioning their true intent of teaching our children. If God loving, hard working parents and others who only want America to return to where conservative issues mean something, minimal government involvement where states have more involvement and say how taxes are to be spent then you have got to become involved in America not just using America to make money. Good luck, America’s future and the future you want for your children and grandchildren are at stake.

For Liberty and Freedom





Our Intelligent Women

I find it interesting the number of women who believe the women accusing Trump of inappropriate behavior. On the surface, I don’t have a problem with complaints being made, if the complaints are real and somewhat recent. If a person, male or female, makes any unwanted physical contact with the opposite sex (or same sex), a complaint should be made both criminally and civilly, however; waiting for 11 years for one woman and 30 years for another woman is ridiculous. I have to ask the question why, why are these women coming forward with a story they know anyone with any reasonable mental ability would discredit from the first word spoken? Ah, but alas, that is not the case, what we have are seemingly large numbers of women across broad cross-sections of our female population that is proclaiming these women are victims of a culturally backward person, and that person being Donald Trump. Why are these women, some, who seem to be at least level headed, educated, and productive (the rest appear to be in college) so willing to accept any statement given by any woman describing an event that occurred 30 years ago? Are they just so overwhelmed with the possibility of a female becoming president? Are they so willing to set aside all of their common sense and allow these women to possibly destroy a man, there’s that sexist word, just so they can say they were here when America elected it’s first woman president? From the broadcast I’ve seen, the percentage of women believing the statements vs. men tells me that most men don’t believe the allegations, not because Donald Trump is a man but because they seem to be able to see through this blatant untruth. I believe they aren’t looking at the potential sex of our next president but rather looking at the statements from an investigative point of view. Our progressive democrats along with very large numbers of our black population, most who had never voted before 2008, have made sure we had a “first black president”, how has that worked for them. A quick look at the numbers shows that more blacks have entered the poverty level, the unemployment in the black population has risen to extremely high percentages, and the number of homeless blacks has grown exponentially, but they all got an Obama phone, the racial divide in this country has become worse than it was in the thirty’s, forty’s and fifty’s and the racial protest we witnessed in the 60’s were pale compared to what we have witnessed under the Obama Presidency. All of this because they ensured a black democrat man became America’s first black president. Based on the history of the Obama legacy I can only guess that under a Hillary presidency women’s wages will drop, working conditions will be less desirable, health care will become completely unaffordable, child care will become unavailable, etc. But they will be proud to say they helped elect America’s first female president, but at what cost? Will the America we are left with be salvageable? Will the America we have left after Hillary raises the immigration level by 500+Percent even be recognizable? Will the America without borders even look like the America we and our parents grew up in? Probably not, but we can all be thankful for the part we played making sure America had it’s first black president and its first female president. For Liberty and Freedom. Ernie

DESIGNATED SURVIVOR: Who Do We Want As Our Designated Survivor?

As I sit here watching the new pilot (several weeks behind) “Designated Survivor” with Kiefer Sutherland, glad to see him back in what might be a very successful new show, I can’t help but reflect back to last night’s debate with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and ask myself who do we want as our Designated Leader. In the first part of the pilot Tom Kirkman, a cabinet member, who has just been told he is to take an Ambassadors position makes the statement to his wife, who insinuated, if you had played their games you wouldn’t be out of a job. Tom’s response was, I would just be like one of those guys, when I got into this we had a deal; I wasn’t going to be one of those guys. When I said designated leader, I want you to think about who will be in charge if the unthinkable were to happen here in America, an event of “Catastrophic Destruction” to our country. An event that immediately takes the lives of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people. An event that we knew who the attackers were and what their intentions were. Who do we want to answer the three o’clock call in the middle of the night?

We, the voters in America have to make a decision, a decision that will affect and shape America, our children, our grandchildren and us for generations to come. We have to make a decision between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Another way of looking at this is which lesser of two evils do we choose? As I sit here watching this show, no this is not going to be a play by play, I see the panic of Kirkman, the indecision in his demeanor, the fear in his eyes as he enters a bathroom and pukes out his guts knowing the questions in his mind must be what do I do now? How do I save the greatest country in the world from the impending destruction, from within and from enemies on the outside?
Yes, this election is just that important.

Do we go with the status quo, or do we go with a person we really don’t know much about other than what we have seen on reality TV? Do we go with a person who has proven to be questionable in their protecting our nation’s secrets, or do we go with a person who strikes fear in a lot of people because of his seemingly inability to control his tendencies to overreact? Do we go with a person who will not say who our current enemy is, Radicle Islamic Terrorism or do we go with a person who has on multiple occasions shown no fear in naming or enemies? Do we go with a person who wants open borders or a person who wants to build a wall to stop or at best slow the entry of possible enemies of America? Do we go with a person who wants to increase the number of Muslim refugees entering America by over Five Hundred Percent or do we want a person who wants to temporarily stop the flow of known groups that could contain potential threats to our country until they could be vetted if that is possible? This list of do we’s could go on but you need to seek your own do we’s and answer them with what you believe to be a decision based on the best outcome for America. We can’t let our decision become influenced by what some are saying it has become her turn, she has earned the Office of the President of The United States of America. One doesn’t earn the office just by serving in other Washington positions. A person earns the right to sit in the Oval Office by presenting ideas that reflect the heritage of American values, along with the belief that America is the greatest country in the world. Ideas that represents all “Americans” equally, not showing favoritism toward groups of people only because they might represent votes. Google “Email shows federal immigration bosses in OT push to swear in new citizens ‘due to election’”. I find it distressing that any office of our government would encourage field offices to swear in as many new “citizen voters” as possible before the Nov. 8 presidential election. While I do believe our government is corrupt at least in some areas, I find it troublesome that there are flagrant attempts to sway our election in such an open manner.

I can only hope that each of you looks deep into your hearts and beliefs, at least where America’s future is concerned and give much time in prayer and vote for the person you feel will represent America in a way that she, America, so richly deserves. Regardless of the outcome of this election, you need to know in your heart that you voted your heart and for the person, you feel will be the best selection for the Presidency of The United States of America. God bless America.
For Liberty and Freedom. Ernie

No Problem?

I have over the last year or so noticed an increasing number of people using the term “No Problem” when you thank them for a deed they may have done for you, i.e., holding a door, offering another drink refill, or any number of situations where you might say thank you. The trend now is for the person to say no problem and I am finding myself more and more turning to that person and saying, if I had asked you for one more item would it have been a problem or if I had not made it through the door as quickly as I did would it have been a problem. When I ask this I usually get a look of are you really serious. I then ask them what ever happened to just simply giving a sincere Thank You. No Problem congers up a feeling of mild hostility or a feeling of unsettledness to the person it is being said to and it makes the person feel he has invaded the person’s space and his time that they would rather not have used on you. When a person says’s no problem the person receiving the “no problem” knows that it is said without any sincerity and that it is said merely out of habit or a feeling of obligation. I know “You’re Welcome” can also be said without meaning but at least it does sound as though the person who says it means it. I know there will be people who will say times are changing and words and phrases are changing so just learn to live with it but in the end isn’t that a part, albeit a small part, of why we have lost all courtesy toward one another? Courtesy is a part of respect and respect seems to be in short order anymore, if we loose much more there won’t be anyone we can talk to without angering them, and if that happens, our civilization of caring people will no longer exist and our best friend will likely become our enemy. All of that because someone didn’t say “Your Welcome.”

For Liberty and Freedom. Ernie


Tomorrow will mark the 15th anniversary of a day that unfortunately will become just another day in history. September 11, 2001, the day Osama Bin Laden launched an attack on America that for a short period of time brought all Americans together, white, black, man, woman, child, and even Republican’s and Democrat’s. September 11, brought countries together, but, more importantly, September 11, brought Americans to God in such numbers that churches were overflowing. Americans were turning to God to protect and bless America. Americans were turning to Christ in unprecedented numbers much like the numbers seen during the great revivals. America, for a short period of time, truly was a Christian Nation; of course, this was before Obama. America for a short time was a very pride filled, not in an unhealthy way but in a good way. American’s was flying the American Flag from whatever they could fly it from, but now we have schools who want to ban the flying of the American Flag for fear of offending some students and communities. The pride and patriotism that was shown after 09/11 hasn’t been seen in America since World War Two when every American sacrificed personally and freely to see America victorious. During WWII Americans went without meat so their soldiers could eat, they held metal and rubber drives so there could be equipment for their soldiers, women who had never held a job went to work in local factories to help build planes, tanks, ships or whatever was needed without complaining. America’s manufacturing plants that produced products for civilian consumption switched over to manufacture products that were needed on the war front, without complaining. Americans bought Bonds, everywhere you turned you were encouraged to buy Bonds, and even the children became involved in supporting America. Now, it seems to support America is regarded as wrong, we are being told that we shouldn’t take pride in a country that has advanced far above all other countries. We are told that we shouldn’t take pride in our ability to help those who are becoming victims of genocide by dictator rulers who massacre anyone or groups who want to live in a society that would promote freedom. Our colleges and universities are teaching; well, our colleges and universities are no longer teaching, instead, they have become indoctrination camps intent on turning our young adults against America and America’s way of life, and they are doing a really good job in doing this. We now have higher education promoting segregation by providing Black only housing. I thought that is what the 60’s civil rights protest was against, forced segregation, and for equality in jobs, education, and housing. How soon we forget. Now we have campuses giving perks to illegal students, College Professors removing any references to 9/11 that students put up, it seems that to even discuss 9/11 is a violation of free speech. Depaul University launched a free speech lecture series and banned conservative speakers. This list of anti-American examples could go on for pages but not to bore anyone I will end with this. I fear the America we have loved, respected, fought and died for will soon be lost if hurtful changes aren’t made. And yes, it might be too late for those changes to occur.

I started this writing about 9/11 and will end it on 9/11. Tomorrow, Sunday, September 11, take a moment to reflect back, especially to those who are too young to remember that tragic attack on America and talk to them explaining the way America once was, what made America great and why it is okay to Make America Great again.
For Liberty and Freedom. Ernie

Make America Great Again

Make America Great Again. That is the theme of Donald Trump’s campaign, which in my opinion is a great theme, one that everyone can relate to. But, what does it take to make America great? If One Hundred people were asked that question you would, no doubt, get 50-75 different answers, some would be the same just worded differently. However, if you asked those same One Hundred people what would their plan be to make America great again you no doubt would have a confused look on the faces of those same people. Donald Trump still hasn’t outlined a plan completely and thorough enough to where the average American could understand just how he plans to do that and how what he wants to do would be so different from what Hillary would do that would convince them to vote for him. With just Seventy-One days until the election and taking into account that early voting starts much earlier he needs to put his plan out so we can see what he intends to do to make America great again. Since he hasn’t made his plan public I will step in and offer my plan to him to freely use.

Right up front I want to make a disclaimer that I am not an economist nor do I have a degree in politics, mathematics, or economics. However, over the course of a typical work week, I come in contact with many people who hold Masters Degrees and some hold a double Masters Degree while a fair amount of people I know have Ph.D. degrees in various fields. I have made the statement to many people that while they hold high degrees in very important fields they have a GED equivalent in common sense. Me, personally, I would rather have a Ph.D. in common sense. Common Sense will keep me alive when a piece of paper with Ph.D. written on will only start a fire to keep me warm one time. With that said here is my plan to make America great again and bring back the pride of accomplishment to the workingman and woman that they haven’t felt in many years. If a man or woman can’t take pride in their efforts to provide for themselves or their families then they only exist in a job without self-worth. Once a person’s self-worth is depleted their future becomes dismal and fruitless.

As President, I would go before Congress, the IRS, the EPA etc. and tell them upfront what my plan is and I would also tell them that if they do not support me on this plan that I would personally take every opportunity to publically embarrass them not only in front of their local constituents but in front of the whole country. I would be relentless in my effort to ensure that they were not voted back into the office they have become so dependent on for their luxurious lifestyle and more than ample retirement. I would then set a designated time for all major media outlets, i.e., television and radio to set aside time for me to go on the national networks and give this plan. I would outline the plan in steps.

Step 1. I would encourage every American who is planning to buy a new car or truck to buy an American built car or truck, one that is built here within the boundaries of our American Shores. If they do this I would make available to them the writing off of half of their interest payment for the duration of their auto loan. This isn’t something unheard of; there was a time when anyone filling out their taxes could write off all of their interest amounts. Looking at the numbers of several different sites I can only make an estimate of the number of cars sold. The numbers I find run between Fifteen Million and Seventeen Million. That’s a 15 or a 17 with a lot of zero’s behind them. To the three major American auto manufacturers, I would provide major tax and profit incentives for them to bring their manufacturing plants back to America and employing legally verifiable American citizens and only legal immigrants who have followed the rules and obtained the proper paperwork to be here. Congress is going to balk at this saying that it will cost America too much tax income. My answer would be, but look at the millions upon millions of people who would be working who are going to be paying payroll taxes and other taxes, social security might even become solvent again, with that many people working and paying taxes we might be able to reduce the tax amounts allowing the working people to bring home more of their income. Right now we don’t have anyone working and therefore we are not receiving any tax income hence our ever-increasing debt. I would tell them to look beyond their greedy noses and see the many different industries that would be affected by this simple move, the paint industry, the upholstery industry, the electronic industry, the steel industry, the glass industry, the list grows all the way down to the salesman or saleswoman on the car lots. To all of these industries, I would also offer tax and profit incentives to bring their manufacturing back to America, which puts even more people to work. This simple plan could be carried over to any item bought, televisions, refrigerators, furniture, clothes etc. the list is endless. There was a time when any item bought in America was made in America. We can’t continue providing jobs for the rest of the world when we aren’t even providing jobs for our American citizens. We need to bring manufacturing jobs back to America and until we lessen the tax burden on the companies that we relied on for so many years to hold up and support the American worker we will never become Great Again. We cannot wait for China, Japan, Korea or any other foreign country to make us great again, they have no incentive to make us great, we have got to do it ourselves.

Step number two, well there is only one step, making America Great Again doesn’t have to be complicated, it doesn’t have to be drawn up by a person with a Ph.D., it only takes a little common sense and the desire to do it. Here’s to making America Great Again. For Liberty and Freedom. Ernie.

My Response To Tom Arnold

As I scrolled through the Fox News website I found an article penned by Tom Arnold,, as I read the article I saw where he was quick to point out that he is a supporter of the 2nd amendment, which I guess he thought would make every other statement in his letter acceptable to all. Well, it didn’t. I would encourage you to read the article to judge for yourself. What I will attempt to do is rebuttal several points he makes in his article. He starts off by saying he has since he was 5 years old, had a familiarity with guns. He leaps from there to his travels with the USO, which I commend him for, any celebrity that takes their time to entertain our troops deserves to be recognized. He says it was during this time that he understands after seeing the violence in those areas why we have a gun-suicide problem amongst our veterans. Here is where I will take my first issue with his analogy. The anti-gun, anti-2nd Amendment groups, and now Tom Arnold, continue to bring guns into the picture blaming the gun for the suicides of our soldiers or anyone who chooses to use a gun to end their life. If anyone, a soldier or anyone else who is in such a confused state of mind wants to commit suicide and has come to a point of no return by convincing themselves there is no way to continue won’t change their mind if they can’t find a gun. The gun is not what makes them want to commit suicide. I have worked many suicide cases during my career and people find all kinds of ways to end their life. Some use guns, but if no gun is available they hang their self, run a hose from the exhaust pipe into the car and die of carbon monoxide, I have worked suicides where people stepped in front of 18 wheelers on the freeway, jumped in front of trains, taken overdose of prescription and non-prescription drugs, etc. Guns are not what make these people commit suicide. The anti-gun group by carefully wording their stories would have you believe every death by suicide is because a gun was available and if we take away the guns there wouldn’t be any more suicides or the number would be very small. Twenty-Five years in law enforcement proves differently.

In reading this article the first two paragraphs would lead you to believe Tom is actually supporting gun ownership and as you start the third paragraph you start to ask yourself where is he going with his thoughts. Then the truth comes out. His nephew Spencer, committed suicide with a gun. Here is where I really take issue with Toms article. Tom tells us his nephew was small and was probably picked on and was kicked out of the army for attempting to commit suicide. He was diagnosed as chronically depressed and unsafe around guns (clue number one). Here is where I will agree with Tom, why was Spencer able to obtain a concealed gun permit and purchase five guns if he was already labeled unsafe around guns. We have got to admit there are people who do not need to be in possession of any guns but because we now live in a society where it is not politically correct to point out a person’s mental defect and because of HIPPA laws we continue allowing these people to buy guns. Tom goes own to say that like him Spencer was a substance abuser (clue number two) and refused Toms help with that so Tom became very concerned. But not concerned enough to say something about Spencer having guns. Tom goes on to say he discovered that Spencer had joined “a crazy, racist, neo-Nazi gun group and videotaped his self-shooting his assault rifles while drunk (clue number three). Tom says he headed to the airport to see Spencer but doesn’t offer any other information. Did he see him or not?

According to Tom, Spencer’s life was stacked against him; he was small, kicked out of the army, bullied and picked on, was a mental defect, and needed to belong to something that offered him something dangerous and cool.

Tom says that on May 2nd, Spencer called a girl and the two got into a disagreement, “so my handsome 24-year old nephew reached over and grabbed one of the five loaded guns on his nightstand and shot himself in the head”. Tom does say, Spencer having five loaded guns next to his bed every night is like me sleeping next to a dresser made out of chocolate cake and filled with cocaine. Why didn’t Tom remove the guns himself? Would he have left cocaine in the house if Spencer were a cocaine addict?

Throughout his article, there are clues which I listed. Tom, at any point, could have intervened during any of these clues and stopped this senseless death but he chose not to. Tom could have stepped in and brought it to the attention of the state that Spencer had been diagnosed as Chronically Depressed and dangerous around guns. He could have stepped in when Spencer started drinking. He could have stepped in when Spencer joined the neo-Nazi group or reported that to law enforcement officials. There were several missed opportunities for Tom to have intervened but he didn’t, so who does he blame for Spencer’s death? Why of course, he blames the NRA. He blames the NRA for the lack of gun control by saying they scared Congress into not passing stricter gun control laws and not closing the numerous loopholes that allow guns to be purchased without background checks. Tom is now shifting from Spencer “legally” purchasing multiple guns to “now we have a loophole problem.” We do have a loophole problem but it is not with the gun laws, it is with the reporting of people like Spencer to the proper authorities. He goes on to say that the NRA has convinced people that a home with a gun is safer than a home without a gun. He says there is a 1 in 8 chance that the person who gets hurt by that gun will not be an intruder but will be a friend or family member. He makes that claim knowing there are statistics that prove different. He also says that some believe guns are a direct gift from God Himself. Tom, now you are beginning to sound a little crazy yourself.

Tom can’t face the truth in this story and that truth is that he is one of the reasons Spencer is dead. He recognized and listed several clues and opportunities that any reasonable person could see would lead to a very bad ending. Instead, he probably didn’t want to interfere and humiliate Spencer anymore. He probably was afraid of what other family members might say if he did or said anything that would bring embarrassment to Spencer or the family name. Well Tom, how did that work for you. Tom, just like most people when they face the truth of their inaction they want to blame it on someone or something else and in this case the NRA filled that need. For Liberty and Freedom, Ernie.