This is Americas Deciding Year

First of Two Parts

This year has been an exceptional year for elections. We have the Presidential election which in itself has changed all of the rules on a major scale but here locally in Georgia, as across the country we have hotly contested congressional elections. These elections have also divided people almost as much as the Trump campaign. You either like the person or you don’t. With that I don’t have a problem, okay, you don’t like someone, don’t vote for them. But what we have happening now is the intentional misrepresentation of information. Before I go into the misrepresentation part I want to convey why I feel we as a country are at a crossroads both at the national level and at local levels. For anyone 55 years old and above will probably agree with what I am about to say. Our country is by all understanding an “exceptional nation” regardless of what Obama has said in the past. We were created as an exceptional nation and with the intent of remaining an exceptional nation. This exceptionalism is what has given America the opportunity to do the remarkable things we have done both nationally and internationally.

I had a chance during the last week to talk to a young woman from the Netherlands who has been in America for several months on an educational program. While talking to her we discussed the differences between socialism and capitalism. She stated that she did not have a problem of living in a country where the government took care of everyone’s needs. I ask her if she had spent much time out of her country and she said no, I then asked her if she had any concept of what America was about and she no she didn’t other than what she had learned in school, which is government run. Therein lies part of the problem, we have a very large number of children, young adults, and adults that feel the same way. They do not have a problem in living in a country where the government takes care of your needs. They feel this way because just as the woman from the Netherlands that is all they have been taught. That is not the way America was founded, nor was it ever the intent for America to become a socialist country. America, I truly believe, was destined to be an “Exceptional Nation” from the creation of the universe and the earth by our Creator. Read “The Light and the Glory” to see how the Hand of God directed our country to become an Exceptional Nation.

I fear this year’s elections will either put us on a one-way road to Socialism or bring us back on track to maintain the Republic form of government we were given by our forefathers. The liberal left leaning democrat candidates and the moderately progressive middle leaning republican candidates see this year as the finalizing year for socialism or a year that will set them (progressives) back for at least one or two decades. Here is where it gets tough, are you not going to vote because your candidate didn’t get nominated or doesn’t represent your beliefs the way you feel he should, how did that work for you in 2008 and 2012, or are you going to make the decision to preserve America for generations to come to enjoy the freedoms you enjoyed and the right to make your own choice as to what your future holds by the decisions you make.

What is my fear? My fear is facing the day that my grandchildren come to me and ask; granddaddy why didn’t you do more to preserve the America we can only hear whispers about, what was it like to be free to live where and how you wanted to and to work at what you wanted to do?

For Liberty and Freedom, Ernie


Do We Really Care Anymore

I received the link below from one of our Congressional members a few days ago but was too busy to really read all of it and process what I had seen. What I do see, and what really upsets me more, is knowing that there are those who would let Americans die when there was no need for it, just for their personal gain. In seeing and listening to what has transpired over the last few years during the Benghazi investigation should alarm every American; whether Republican, Democrat, White, Black, Hispanic, legal or not and any other people that have decided to make this land their home. It didn’t take long to realize there were several other releases pertaining to this same topic but some didn’t seem to be as complete as this was. As I said, being too busy to read it with any depth I did listen to as much as I was able to on the radio, Sirius radio and several radio stations around the country on I-Hart Radio. What I heard, disappointed me more than the article itself.

What was it that disappointed me so? It was the realization that many Americans just don’t care about what happened in Benghazi. We have become a country where people only think about themselves and [m]aybe their family. We have become a nation of people that says as long as it doesn’t interfere with me directly I don’t want to know about it nor do I care. We have become a nation of people that says I will vote for the person who I think will help me, personally, the most and it doesn’t matter if that person doesn’t want the best for America, or my children and grandchildren I only want for me right now. Let the younger generation worry about their future later. That is what disappoints me the most.

In looking at what America has become regarding the welfare of America, I want to find a place of solitude where I can look back on an America where people cared for their neighbor but actually knew them, they had an interest in seeing their community do well. A place where children were told they could accomplish whatever they wanted in life. I would like to see an America where people toiled over their labor and enjoyed the personal reward of knowing they had accomplished something worthwhile. I would like to see an America where God, the God of The Holy Bible, was still in the forefront of people’s lives where we weren’t afraid to admit that we believed in God and Jesus Christ. A place where we weren’t afraid to let our children go to the bathroom on their own and didn’t have to worry about some mentally deranged person who can’t make up their mind what he or she wants to be for that day being turned loose in there with our child because our government says we have to go along with it. What does this have to do with the Benghazi Investigation? Simply this, if we still lived in an America where these issues mattered there would be no doubt that these investigations would not have happened at all because instead of being called to “Stand Down” our soldiers would have been told to go kick some ass. For Liberty and Freedom, Ernie

It’s all about the Gay’s We No Longer Have a Terrorist Attack on America The Orlando Terror Attack Has Been Reduced to a Massacre

A recent interview with Anderson Cooper and Pam Bond, Florida Attorney General, again proves that journalist can’t be trusted. Ms. Bond was doing the interview thinking the focus was going to be on the positive aspect of the heartfelt contributions that have come into the victims and families. Instead, he hit her with questions trying to show her as anti-gay. This interview further proves that we have become a country where it’s all about the individual or individual groups, and in this case it’s the gay community. I made a post earlier in the week about how we are not seeing the anger in the terrorist attacks against America instead we are now being told that the attack was only against the gay community and not against America. If that was the case why are we hearing that Disney World and other Florida locations some of which were gay clubs was possible locations on his list? It should not be a surprise that Omar made visits to several gay nightclubs, you have to infiltrate your enemy if you want to find the greatest weakness and in this case, it was “The Pulse” nightclub. Why this particular nightclub? From the news reports, I find it obvious as to why; this night club had a somewhat unique entrance that would make it hard for anyone to escape without having to go past him thereby allowing him more captive targets (people) to shoot. The ones that were able to escape had to do so by breaking windows along with other forceful means of escape. It should not come as a great surprise to anyone that Islam does not approve of the homosexual lifestyle. Another question that has been asked, is Omar gay? No, I don’t think so, but to learn the battlefield he had to spend time in the battlefield learning his enemy. Now don’t let his target fool you into thinking his act of violence was just against homosexuals, it was first against America, the overwhelming dislike for homosexuals that Islam holds offered him another target along with America. There are many videos on the Internet showing the killing of homosexuals in several Islamic countries but you have not heard any outrage here in America from the homosexual community denouncing this activity. Not one march to save the homosexuals that are being killed due to Sharia Law and what they consider acceptable practice of killing homosexuals. Not one suggestion for the U.S. to go over and bring this injustice to a stop. Not one word until someone kills a bunch of gays over here then it’s all about the gay community. I would not be surprised to see assembling in the streets and marches in Washington demanding protection in and for the known gay communities. Forget about protecting America, we have to protect the gay community. Why is America now comprised of sub-groups? America used to be a country of Americans but not anymore. We now have White Americans, Black Americans, and Gay Americans, etc., why can’t we all just be Americans and raise hell if a terrorist attacks Americans on America’s soil.

We are following in history’s footsteps of isolating certain groups of people; the Jews were separated and singled out in Germany that led to the killing of millions of Jews. Joseph Stalin said: “Divide the world into regional groups as a transitional stage to world government. Populations will more readily abandon their national loyalty to a vague regional loyalty than they will for a world authority. Later the regions can be brought together all the way into a single world dictatorship.” I believe that is what is happening here in America; there is an never tiring attempt to separate our people into sub-groups, white, black, homosexual and within this group they are defining it into even smaller groups: lesbian, bi-sexual, gay, transgendered and now they have added queer, we also have upper class, middle class and the lower class people and communities. With the division of people there comes conflict between these groups and as a result they don’t see the bigger picture, because we are looking a so many little pictures, of what is happening around them. Divide and Conquer as the saying goes.

It wasn’t long ago that we saw the “Occupy Wall Street Movement,” which was to bring distrust to the financial segments of America. Now we have recently had the “Black Lives Movement” rolling across America to bring mistrust to law enforcement. Now we have the “Anti-Trump” movement that follows Trump wherever he goes, this group is not merely a gathering of young people who strive for a Socialist form of government it is a group of well organized, almost professional protesters who are inciting anger and fear in Americans who might want to attend a Trump rally, with either the fear or anger emotion the Anti-Trump group wins. All of these groups have one purpose, and may not realize how they are being used to accomplish this purpose or they don’t care and that is to bring a state of “divide and conquer” into our country, a divided people can’t defend itself from any organized opposition, as it is too busy defending and arguing against each other. All of this, I believe, is being brought about so our government can, at some point, institute a rule of martial law. Once the government can create enough chaos and fighting amongst ourselves it can declare martial law without much opposition. I said in a recent post that it would not surprise me if the “lack of over site” of the San Bernardino shooters were done with a purpose in mind. There was no vetting of the female because our government didn’t check either of their emails or Facebook. In the case of the San Bernardino shooters, the government couldn’t even decide if looking at their Facebook page, after they were dead, was a violation of their rights. I have a problem with that. Our government doesn’t mind infringing in our Facebook pages, tapping into our phone conversations, intercepting our emails all in the name of securing America but won’t look at the Facebook page of a dead terrorist. With the Orlando shooter, we are told that the government had been watching Omar Mateen for several years and had interviews with him because of his apparent affiliations with known extremist but did not see a reason to put him on a list to prevent him from buying weapons. There are more than several confirmed incidents of Omar Mateen making remarks that border terrorist remarks but all were overlooked. Were they overlooked for a reason?

Here is my take on our liberal media and how it is shaping our thinking. If you will remember, Katie Couric, the lame duck journalist, who made a documentary “Under the Gun” where she interviewed several people of the Virginia Citizens Defense League. She instructed them to sit in a room for several minutes to wait for the interview, during this time the cameras in the room were on and recording these people just sitting and looking around. During the interview, she talked awhile and asked questions which the interviewees answer without hesitation and gave very knowledgeable answers. After the interview was concluded she entered into the editing portion and dubbed in up to nine seconds of silence after some of the questions and periods of the people looking around appearing to be in a confused state of mind on other questions. Her intent was to make these people appear to be ignorant and incapable of answering a basic question pertaining to guns. I believe it is apparent that our main street media is a group that cannot be trusted to present “just the facts,” they are going to insert their personal feelings and agenda into the narrative making interviews and stories show the desired effect they want. My suggestion to the politicians and people in the public eye is to go ahead and give the interview, just make sure you have your camera or recorders rolling from the time you walk into a room or up to a journalist or one walks up to you, because if you don’t, what you say will be twisted into an answer that fits their agenda and makes you look plain stupid, although in some cases that won’t be very hard.

For Liberty and Freedom, Ernie

What Makes an America an American

Does being born in American make you an American? Most everyone would say yes; I would say no, why, because as it is now anyone born in America automatically is given the status of being an American citizen. That is why we have anchor babies. But does being born here make you an American, and what makes you an American? I believe being an American is as much about being born here but more importantly having a heart for American ideology and core beliefs is what makes you an American. There are people who are not citizens of America but has such a love for our ideology and core beliefs they are more of an American than someone who was born here but follows an ideology that runs counter to America’s beliefs and ideology.

There now seems to be many questioning Omar Mateen’s citizenship. Was he a citizen? Everyone says yes, especially those on the television show “The View” who limits their conversation to the fact that he was born here but not going any further into what makes an American. Omar Mateen was born in America just as Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter who killed 13 people on the military base, was born in America, actually, Nidal Hasan was born in Virginia and Omar was born in New York. Both of these shooters were born in America but obviously did not believe in America the way a citizen should believe in the country they were born into or took the oath to become a citizen of. How many immigrants come into this country, study the material and take the test with no intent of assimilating into the American way of life? We are suddenly faced with a new dilemma, home-grown terrorist. Before I go any further in this post I want to say I know there are American’s who have committed acts of terror, Timothy McVeigh bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, OK killing 168 people and Eric Rudolph in 1998 bombed an abortion clinic killing one person and severely injuring another person are just two; however, in looking at the overall picture we find that there are more naturalized citizens or non-citizens responsible for the killing of Americans since the early 90’s.

Americans have a problem in labeling people because they will either be called homophobic, racist, paranoid or any other titles that we have become so afraid of being called. Because of this, we have unknowingly lumped everyone into one group and have not recognized that some in this group don’t believe in the same core principles as others in this group. The really bad thing is those that don’t believe in American principles are now influencing some American’s to have doubts in the core beliefs that was responsible for forming the America that for so many years people from other countries sought to become a part of. Our liberal/socialist educators in our colleges and universities have perpetrated this feeling of confusion in our millennial’s.

Our most recent mass shooting occurred in Orlando, FL. Inside a well-known gay nightclub “The Pulse.” Omar Mateen, the shooter, who during the incident phoned 911 and pledged his allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS. Now we have people in the media who are saying that Omar has pledged his allegiance to many different people and groups as said on The View. This is a way of distracting the Muslim ties Omar had. Omar Mateen was a Muslim, his parents are Muslim, and his father has very questionable Muslim ties. Twice the FBI, for his Muslim connections and statements he has made, has investigated Omar. As a very good friend of mine would say “in my profession that sounds like a clue phone ringing.”

Presumptive Republican Candidate Donald Trump has stated that America needs to place a temporary ban on all immigration from Muslim based countries until we, America, can figure out a way to vet these people and (try) to determine if there are any ties to terrorist organizations. The liberals are having a feeding frenzy on this one. They have blown this way out of proportion. Trump was not suggesting a permanent ban on anyone, he was merely suggesting a temporary ban hoping our alphabet agencies could reach some agreement on how to determine who to let in and who to turn away. The POTUS today spoke absolutely ridiculing Trump and asking the question (paraphrased) “are the Republican leadership actually going to allow this.” There are numerous reasons we need to be cautious of Muslims entering this country but the first and main reason is the religion of Islam rejects everything America stands for and the things that make America what we are, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence our Freedom of Religion (Muslims don’t have a choice, they submit to Allah or die) and our basic laws, Muslims follow Sharia Law which ironically, should in itself, be against the law. The differences between Islam and America would take entirely too much space to cover in this blog but I do encourage anyone to research Islam and learn for him or herself.

What I find troubling about the Orlando shooting is that it is being made into a homosexual thing. Hello, we had a Muslim go into a nightclub and kill Americans, yes, it was a gay nightclub, but it shouldn’t be a surprise that Islam is at war with the homosexual community the same as it is with America. There are numerous videos on YouTube and other Internet sites showing gay men being thrown off building to their death by Muslims who are following their laws and if they are still alive after hitting the ground they are then stoned until they die. Why are we so willing to criticize Trump for wanting to not allow these types of Muslims into America. We need to wake up and get over being politically correct. When you are found to be in violation of a Muslim law and are beheaded, burned by fire in a cage or dipped in acid, stoned to death or any other number of ways they kill people tell my how being politically correct as worked for you.

For Liberty and Freedom, Ernie

A Matter of Principle


Principle, sometimes that seems to be nothing more than just a word. Principle is a word that has many definitions, just like many words today. Principle, to someone who has malice intentions, principle might mean one thing while principle to a working person might have a meaning altogether different. Principle, according to Merriam-Webster, means the moral rule or belief that helps you know what is right and wrong and that influences your actions, a basic truth or theory, an idea that forms the basis of something.

Today we seem to be running short of people who understand the importance of principle. If we do have principle it has been redefined to fit the need of those whose “principle” runs opposite from moral good. In defense of those who are doing this they may not know that the principles they have adopted are destined to harm America, it’s citizens, and even themselves, being they have been lied to. Lied to by who, parents, teachers, clergy, politicians and others? The list could go on, all the way down to ourselves, yes, we have even lied to ourselves when it comes to principles. Who hasn’t made compromises to their own principles, to make themselves look good to someone else or compromised their principles to gain favor with a boss? It is a moral person who stands strong on their principles when everyone else gives in to the politically correct.

I believe our greatest source of deception in manipulating the thinking of out younger generation is our teachers especially at the college and university level, although; I can’t totally give a pass to some of our high school teachers. Recent events involving several college campuses across America indicates that a major flaw has occurred in the instruction at those locations.

• University of Missouri students demands the resignation of the President Tim Wolfe, which he did resign due to the threat of more disruptive protest.
• A Brown University student group called Sexual Assault Task Force discovered that a libertarian was going to speak and protested to the administration. The end result was there would be a “safe space” created for students upset by the debate; this space included cookies, coloring books, bubbles, Play-Doh, calming music, pillows, blankets, and a video of puppies. All that is needed is a nippled bottle with warm milk and spare diapers.
• Northwest University students marched to protest Professor Laura Kipnis pointing out what she termed the sexual paranoia evading campus life. Free speech is not free if it’s not what the student wants to hear, their feeling might be hurt.
• At Hampshire College, a student group that had invited Afrofunk band Shokazoba canceled the invitation because too many white musicians played in the band.
• Oberlin students want below-average grades abolished, no grade lower than a C. Mid-term exams replace with conversations, and freer time to participate in more activist movements.

This is a small sampling of the demands our college level students are making to the administration of colleges and some high schools. Yes, it is beginning to happen in some of our high schools. Many colleges and high schools are now offering safe rooms for LGBT groups to meet during class hours. How long will it be before there will be LGBT only classes or LGBT only schools?

Where do these ideas come from? From the liberal teachers and professors within our school system. The objective of a college instructor or professor should be the continued academics learned in high school only taking them further in depth and introducing students to instruction that will prepare them for entering the workforce at multiple levels. Somewhere in the past, college professors have lost focus of what their responsibilities are. Instead, they are teaching their individual socialistic thoughts. Our children/students tend to put too much emphasis on a person with the letters Ph.D. behind their name as if what that professor speaks come from the Holy Grail itself. These professors and teachers are teaching our children just enough to believe what they are being taught is the truth but not enough to question the theory. As I have said this before and will continue saying this; why do parents (grown functional adults) continue to send their children to these indoctrination campuses and funding them with tuition cost that is clearly too high and over priced for what the child is getting in return. Have we as parents grown so lazy and uncaring that we have reached a point that all we care about is our child getting that piece of paper with “Diploma” written across the top. Do we not care that our children are turning into full blown card toting socialist bordering on communist. My god people open your eyes and look at what is happening to your children. Let us transport ourselves back about 15-18 years  when your child was 5-8 years old and being dropped off a the local Kinder Care or any other day care center. Imagine what your response would have been if your child came home chanting socialist chants, questioning your decision to make more money than was deemed necessary to live on and wants you to share your money with the person who didn’t work as hard as you and didn’t make as much as you. Your child said that you no longer have the right to discipline them and threatened to call the police if you sent them to their room and god forbid would have you arrested if you spanked them. They demanded a “safe space” to hide in whenever you became angry. You no doubt would have taken your child out of that daycare and stopped making payments to a day care that was brainwashing your child. So, tell me this, what is the difference between day care and college. The only difference is your baby has grown physically but not mentally. You might say “ but it’s the principle of the thing” I don’t want my child singled out. I want my child to feel included. Read the bullet points above and imagine how weakened your child and our society will become if we don’t start raising responsible adults that realize life isn’t rose colored but does, in fact, have hurts, disappointments and yes, the occasional cutting word from another person. We need to teach them they have to do what so many “adults” in the past has done, grab your bootstraps pull on your boots and keep moving forward. If your child is one of those that still lives in the basement, depends on you to provide all their needs and cowers at the sound of a harsh word well, then, that is your fault. Of course, I guess you too can redefine principle and feel good about it. For Liberty and Freedom, Ernie

Democratic Election Tactics 2.0

With only eight months to go until the General Election we are going to be exposed to campaign tactics, I never thought would happen during an election in America. As I just wrote in my last post regarding the tactics of our current front runner, Donald Trump, and his continuing to call Ted Cruz “Lying Ted” I now find the National Enquirer has published an article claiming Ted Cruz has had an affair. I find the timing of this news release interesting due to the controversy in the Louisiana Primary. It seems there might be a possibility that Ted Cruz might pick up some if not all of the delegates the Rubio had. Donald has already threatened a lawsuit against Ted Cruz and is pushing the issue by saying “Just to show you how unfair Republican primary politics can be, I won the State of Louisiana and get fewer delegates than Cruz–lawsuit coming. (quote taken from Fox News online 03/28/2016).

I have not read the Enquirer article so the details of the story are unclear to me, however; I do not put a lot of truth in the story at this time. My gut feeling is that the story is following the same tactic used against Herman Cain when he was running for president. There were two women (if my memory is correct) who were said to have had questionable relations with Herman and the minute details of the relationship were not released. This story did not take any traction and was soon failing to discredit his campaign. When this story failed there were then several more women who miraculously came forward saying there was inappropriateness behavior on the part of Mr. Cain using text messaging and other means of contact. I recall Mr. Cain did have dinner with one but the details were never released. After continued repeated releases of the story more and more people started to believe it (tell a lie enough and all will believe it) and Mr. Cain eventually gave up his bid by President not wanting to stress his family any further. (That) was my only problem with Herman, what might have happened if our founding fathers, who also received numerous threats i.e. death threats, families kidnapped, forced bankruptcy’s, imprisonment etc. had stopped their efforts to bring a free America into existence?

As I said, I am not aware of the details of this story but from what I have read and heard, Ted Cruz was to have five women in the Washington DC area he has had affairs with. One is said to be a prominent attorney in DC. There is much controversy as to where this story originated and some feel it may have come from a past associate of Donald Trumps campaign team. One thing this story does not include is information that would offer authenticity to the story. In looking back at the Herman Cain situation, what stands out is none of the women came forward to the media. It has since been learned they, whoever they were, went to the campaigns of other candidates who broke the stories to the media. In today’s society you right the story first then the facts will establish themselves just as the actors will just appear. It doesn’t matter if the actors are legitimate or not the story has been written and the people reading it doesn’t care if it is truthful or not, they feel obligated to pass on the story in gossip fashion making it travel faster than a speeding bullet. In this case, the women do not have to prove the story as truthful but instead, Ted has to prove it didn’t happen which is next to impossible. All they have to do is continue saying (lying) that the affairs happened and the more they say it the more people will start to believe it. No one, the National Enquirer or the women, will have to produce any hard evidence. In the end, someone will have made a lot of money.

What his all proves is when you can’t win with your knowledge and ability then throw enough lies about the person who does have the knowledge and ability and you will knock them out of the race. Let us hope that the American people are smart enough to see what is happening.

For Liberty and Freedom,




Must We Go This Low To Become President

Are there no limits to the depths our Presidential candidates will go? Have we not yet reached the bottom of the gutter? Having had the opportunity to experience multiple elections going back to the 70’s and beyond I have come to realize the political atmosphere has changed and not for the good. It appears our presidential candidates are venturing deeper and deeper into the gutter of sleaze. There was the time when candidates pointed out their opponent’s lack of policy or lack of experience or even more important they spent their time promoting their own policies as they didn’t want to spend too much time talking about their opponent. As the years have passed our candidates on both sides have spread viciousness across the political platform but not to the harshness we are now experiencing. They are now talking about the size of a candidate’s appendage (I’m trying to keep this as family friendly as I can) and now are dragging the wives down into the muck. Without question, the person most responsible for this is Donald Trump. While Donald has slung more than his fair share of slanderous remarks he isn’t he only one guilty, but what bothers me most is that we Americans seem to not be bothered by this most undesirable trend in elections. Is that a reflection of our changing societal personality or is this an indication that we really don’t care anymore what a candidate does or says as long as it is our candidate that wins and wins be any means necessary. During the 2012 election, we experienced the destruction of Herman Cain’s bid for office due to the Democrat side bringing up two women who claimed there was sexual inappropriateness. When their story of these two women didn’t get the traction the democrat’s wanted they brought in more women discussing sexual advances between Mr. Cain and themselves and indicated there was phone text to back them up although nothing substantial was ever published or displayed. I found it strange that here was a man who had been CEO in several companies and having worked with hundreds of women and all they could find was about four or so. If a man in his capacity has a problem with unfaithfulness and infidelity he isn’t going to stop at four, the numbers would be in the high double digits, to say the least, look at Bill Cosby, the numbers were surprisingly high. Even more interesting is the fact that as soon as Herman stopped his campaign all allegations of adulterous behavior stopped. They accomplished what they set out to do, destroy a man’s run for President.

What has happened that we are accepting a candidate that only uses crude and rude remarks toward his opponents? All through the 2016 primary’s all Trump has done is trash the others. I do believe this was an attempt to ward off any questions regarding just “how was he going to make America great again. He still hasn’t given many real definitive answers. And, when the list narrowed he became more direct and vicious in his mockery. Marco Rubio became “Little Marco”; Ted Cruz has now become “Lying Ted.” Every time he mentions Ted He refers to him as Lying Ted. He is taking the Clintons and the Democrats approach that if you tell a lie enough people will believe it. Now it seems an anti-Trump Super Pac, Make America Awesome, which has no connection to the Cruz campaign and stated so in an ad, released a picture showing Melania Trump posing nude, which she did in 2000 for the British version of GQ. Cruz, nor his campaign, had any control over the release of this ad and Cruz has discredited the ad but that didn’t matter to Trump. Trump shot off a tweet saying “Lyin’ Ted Cruz just used a picture of Melania from a G.Q. photo shoot in his ad. Be careful, Lyin’ Ted, or I will spill the beans on your wife!” What beans? He went on with another tweet “Lyin’ Ted Cruz denied that he had anything to do with the G.Q. model photo post of Melania. That’s why we call him Lyin’ Ted!” Do we really want this man for president, a person who so far has only proven that he can hurl slanderous names and remarks at his opponents? Now, to muddle up the mess, even more, we have “The Nevada County Scooper” which probably refers to their using a cat box pooper-scooper in finding their stories, wrote a story saying that Donald Trump followed through on his threat and claimed that Heidi Cruz was a call girl, which isn’t true. The only people that read the Nevada County Scooper probably live their lives in the cat box but there will be those who believe the article. The only summation I can come to on this is that our society has, in fact, fell into the gutter of sleaze and we are enjoying wallowing around in all of the pig slop. For those who  don’t know anything about early pig farming slop was to feed the pigs. I believe society will only get worse. God help us.

For Liberty and Freedom, Ernie