This is Americas Deciding Year

First of Two Parts

This year has been an exceptional year for elections. We have the Presidential election which in itself has changed all of the rules on a major scale but here locally in Georgia, as across the country we have hotly contested congressional elections. These elections have also divided people almost as much as the Trump campaign. You either like the person or you don’t. With that I don’t have a problem, okay, you don’t like someone, don’t vote for them. But what we have happening now is the intentional misrepresentation of information. Before I go into the misrepresentation part I want to convey why I feel we as a country are at a crossroads both at the national level and at local levels. For anyone 55 years old and above will probably agree with what I am about to say. Our country is by all understanding an “exceptional nation” regardless of what Obama has said in the past. We were created as an exceptional nation and with the intent of remaining an exceptional nation. This exceptionalism is what has given America the opportunity to do the remarkable things we have done both nationally and internationally.

I had a chance during the last week to talk to a young woman from the Netherlands who has been in America for several months on an educational program. While talking to her we discussed the differences between socialism and capitalism. She stated that she did not have a problem of living in a country where the government took care of everyone’s needs. I ask her if she had spent much time out of her country and she said no, I then asked her if she had any concept of what America was about and she no she didn’t other than what she had learned in school, which is government run. Therein lies part of the problem, we have a very large number of children, young adults, and adults that feel the same way. They do not have a problem in living in a country where the government takes care of your needs. They feel this way because just as the woman from the Netherlands that is all they have been taught. That is not the way America was founded, nor was it ever the intent for America to become a socialist country. America, I truly believe, was destined to be an “Exceptional Nation” from the creation of the universe and the earth by our Creator. Read “The Light and the Glory” to see how the Hand of God directed our country to become an Exceptional Nation.

I fear this year’s elections will either put us on a one-way road to Socialism or bring us back on track to maintain the Republic form of government we were given by our forefathers. The liberal left leaning democrat candidates and the moderately progressive middle leaning republican candidates see this year as the finalizing year for socialism or a year that will set them (progressives) back for at least one or two decades. Here is where it gets tough, are you not going to vote because your candidate didn’t get nominated or doesn’t represent your beliefs the way you feel he should, how did that work for you in 2008 and 2012, or are you going to make the decision to preserve America for generations to come to enjoy the freedoms you enjoyed and the right to make your own choice as to what your future holds by the decisions you make.

What is my fear? My fear is facing the day that my grandchildren come to me and ask; granddaddy why didn’t you do more to preserve the America we can only hear whispers about, what was it like to be free to live where and how you wanted to and to work at what you wanted to do?

For Liberty and Freedom, Ernie