No Problem?

I have over the last year or so noticed an increasing number of people using the term “No Problem” when you thank them for a deed they may have done for you, i.e., holding a door, offering another drink refill, or any number of situations where you might say thank you. The trend now is for the person to say no problem and I am finding myself more and more turning to that person and saying, if I had asked you for one more item would it have been a problem or if I had not made it through the door as quickly as I did would it have been a problem. When I ask this I usually get a look of are you really serious. I then ask them what ever happened to just simply giving a sincere Thank You. No Problem congers up a feeling of mild hostility or a feeling of unsettledness to the person it is being said to and it makes the person feel he has invaded the person’s space and his time that they would rather not have used on you. When a person says’s no problem the person receiving the “no problem” knows that it is said without any sincerity and that it is said merely out of habit or a feeling of obligation. I know “You’re Welcome” can also be said without meaning but at least it does sound as though the person who says it means it. I know there will be people who will say times are changing and words and phrases are changing so just learn to live with it but in the end isn’t that a part, albeit a small part, of why we have lost all courtesy toward one another? Courtesy is a part of respect and respect seems to be in short order anymore, if we loose much more there won’t be anyone we can talk to without angering them, and if that happens, our civilization of caring people will no longer exist and our best friend will likely become our enemy. All of that because someone didn’t say “Your Welcome.”

For Liberty and Freedom. Ernie