Our Intelligent Women

I find it interesting the number of women who believe the women accusing Trump of inappropriate behavior. On the surface, I don’t have a problem with complaints being made, if the complaints are real and somewhat recent. If a person, male or female, makes any unwanted physical contact with the opposite sex (or same sex), a complaint should be made both criminally and civilly, however; waiting for 11 years for one woman and 30 years for another woman is ridiculous. I have to ask the question why, why are these women coming forward with a story they know anyone with any reasonable mental ability would discredit from the first word spoken? Ah, but alas, that is not the case, what we have are seemingly large numbers of women across broad cross-sections of our female population that is proclaiming these women are victims of a culturally backward person, and that person being Donald Trump. Why are these women, some, who seem to be at least level headed, educated, and productive (the rest appear to be in college) so willing to accept any statement given by any woman describing an event that occurred 30 years ago? Are they just so overwhelmed with the possibility of a female becoming president? Are they so willing to set aside all of their common sense and allow these women to possibly destroy a man, there’s that sexist word, just so they can say they were here when America elected it’s first woman president? From the broadcast I’ve seen, the percentage of women believing the statements vs. men tells me that most men don’t believe the allegations, not because Donald Trump is a man but because they seem to be able to see through this blatant untruth. I believe they aren’t looking at the potential sex of our next president but rather looking at the statements from an investigative point of view. Our progressive democrats along with very large numbers of our black population, most who had never voted before 2008, have made sure we had a “first black president”, how has that worked for them. A quick look at the numbers shows that more blacks have entered the poverty level, the unemployment in the black population has risen to extremely high percentages, and the number of homeless blacks has grown exponentially, but they all got an Obama phone, the racial divide in this country has become worse than it was in the thirty’s, forty’s and fifty’s and the racial protest we witnessed in the 60’s were pale compared to what we have witnessed under the Obama Presidency. All of this because they ensured a black democrat man became America’s first black president. Based on the history of the Obama legacy I can only guess that under a Hillary presidency women’s wages will drop, working conditions will be less desirable, health care will become completely unaffordable, child care will become unavailable, etc. But they will be proud to say they helped elect America’s first female president, but at what cost? Will the America we are left with be salvageable? Will the America we have left after Hillary raises the immigration level by 500+Percent even be recognizable? Will the America without borders even look like the America we and our parents grew up in? Probably not, but we can all be thankful for the part we played making sure America had it’s first black president and its first female president. For Liberty and Freedom. Ernie


DESIGNATED SURVIVOR: Who Do We Want As Our Designated Survivor?

As I sit here watching the new pilot (several weeks behind) “Designated Survivor” with Kiefer Sutherland, glad to see him back in what might be a very successful new show, I can’t help but reflect back to last night’s debate with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and ask myself who do we want as our Designated Leader. In the first part of the pilot Tom Kirkman, a cabinet member, who has just been told he is to take an Ambassadors position makes the statement to his wife, who insinuated, if you had played their games you wouldn’t be out of a job. Tom’s response was, I would just be like one of those guys, when I got into this we had a deal; I wasn’t going to be one of those guys. When I said designated leader, I want you to think about who will be in charge if the unthinkable were to happen here in America, an event of “Catastrophic Destruction” to our country. An event that immediately takes the lives of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people. An event that we knew who the attackers were and what their intentions were. Who do we want to answer the three o’clock call in the middle of the night?

We, the voters in America have to make a decision, a decision that will affect and shape America, our children, our grandchildren and us for generations to come. We have to make a decision between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Another way of looking at this is which lesser of two evils do we choose? As I sit here watching this show, no this is not going to be a play by play, I see the panic of Kirkman, the indecision in his demeanor, the fear in his eyes as he enters a bathroom and pukes out his guts knowing the questions in his mind must be what do I do now? How do I save the greatest country in the world from the impending destruction, from within and from enemies on the outside?
Yes, this election is just that important.

Do we go with the status quo, or do we go with a person we really don’t know much about other than what we have seen on reality TV? Do we go with a person who has proven to be questionable in their protecting our nation’s secrets, or do we go with a person who strikes fear in a lot of people because of his seemingly inability to control his tendencies to overreact? Do we go with a person who will not say who our current enemy is, Radicle Islamic Terrorism or do we go with a person who has on multiple occasions shown no fear in naming or enemies? Do we go with a person who wants open borders or a person who wants to build a wall to stop or at best slow the entry of possible enemies of America? Do we go with a person who wants to increase the number of Muslim refugees entering America by over Five Hundred Percent or do we want a person who wants to temporarily stop the flow of known groups that could contain potential threats to our country until they could be vetted if that is possible? This list of do we’s could go on but you need to seek your own do we’s and answer them with what you believe to be a decision based on the best outcome for America. We can’t let our decision become influenced by what some are saying it has become her turn, she has earned the Office of the President of The United States of America. One doesn’t earn the office just by serving in other Washington positions. A person earns the right to sit in the Oval Office by presenting ideas that reflect the heritage of American values, along with the belief that America is the greatest country in the world. Ideas that represents all “Americans” equally, not showing favoritism toward groups of people only because they might represent votes. Google “Email shows federal immigration bosses in OT push to swear in new citizens ‘due to election’”. I find it distressing that any office of our government would encourage field offices to swear in as many new “citizen voters” as possible before the Nov. 8 presidential election. While I do believe our government is corrupt at least in some areas, I find it troublesome that there are flagrant attempts to sway our election in such an open manner.

I can only hope that each of you looks deep into your hearts and beliefs, at least where America’s future is concerned and give much time in prayer and vote for the person you feel will represent America in a way that she, America, so richly deserves. Regardless of the outcome of this election, you need to know in your heart that you voted your heart and for the person, you feel will be the best selection for the Presidency of The United States of America. God bless America.
For Liberty and Freedom. Ernie


After last nights Caucus in Iowa, one has to ask why did Bernie Sanders do so well. Was it because of the obvious deceit and lies Hillary has continued to tell regarding her emails or her deliberate misleading of her involvement in Benghazi? Or, could it be that she just isn’t reaching the right voter population, i.e., the 18-24-year-olds. I can only imagine that right now Hillary is saying “What Difference at This Point Does It Make.” It never ceases to amaze me just how out of touch with Americans especially the working group she insists on staying, especially when she has a daughter in that same bracket of voters. Of course, one has to realize that Chelsea is a direct by-product of her mom and just another piece of the Clinton dynasty, and that, I believe is all they see in her.

Bernie has been able to tap into a group of people that Hillary and even Obama failed to reach with any amount of enthusiasm. He has struck a comradery with this group of young upcoming voters by stepping in the Occupy group, at least emotionally, tapping into their dislike for Wall Street and any form of Crony Capitalism or Capitalistic form of enterprise. His promises of free college, the writing off of current student loans, one-payer healthcare system, etc., seems to have resonated with this group of voters. They don’t seem to mind or don’t care that these freebies will have to be paid out of somebody’s pocket. It doesn’t bother them that he plans to take the money from their parents and others who are considered in the upper-income bracket, a bracket that I am sure will have it’s upper limits dropped lower over time. It doesn’t matter to them because they don’t understand how the system works. They don’t understand because they have not been taught how our economic system works and have only been taught the benefits of socialism. But, they have been taught the front end of socialism, the part where everyone is on equal economic grounds, no one is better than anyone else, there is no upper class and especially there is no lower class. They have been taught there will only be the middle class and they have been taught that the middle class is where euphoria is found. They have never been taught the back-end of socialism. That socialism starts out looking real good everybody is happy in they’re own little world of bliss. Everybody has no wants that aren’t met, everyone has medical care, medicine etc., food is available and all of this is made available without those pesky corporate profits. They don’t realize that as they are blissfully going about their lives their freedoms are being taken away ever so slowly. So slowly they didn’t even realize just how entrapped they have become. They didn’t realize the Constitution has been re-written or done away with altogether, they didn’t realize that the first, second, third and fourth amendment has totally been done away with, it didn’t bother them when they were told to turn in “all firearms” because in today’s civilization there is no need for self-protection because the government will always be there for you, they didn’t realize the right to property ownership has been taken away from them, they didn’t realize that in order to maintain any level of sustainability death panels have been instituted to curtail the rising food requirements along with the rising cost of health care along with years of declining medicine and health care facilities, they didn’t even realize that as much as 90% of their pay was taken out in taxes. They didn’t realize all books reflecting any information pertaining to America’s past history has been removed from our school systems. They didn’t see the government taking over and controlling all forms of information i.e., newspapers, radio, and television and that the government produces and writes all programming seen or read on any of these media outlets. They didn’t see God, Jesus or any reference to Christian beliefs being taking out of all forms of existence. They didn’t see any of this until it was too late and unfortunately, for many who have been born into this system it will be the only system they know, and because of that they won’t know hope, freedom, the feeling of fulfillment one has by being born into a country that encourages these freedoms. Mankind was created to be free, not to be born into a state of slavery that socialism promotes.

While I have written only about Bernie Sanders where is Hillary in this mix? Ted Cruz made the comparison between the two that I thought was spot on. He said you have one who admits to being a socialist and the other who pretends they aren’t. Hillary is no different from Bernie she just tries to hide it better thinking she will be able to reach the older generation that does recognize socialism for what it is, but in the end, she believes in the same total controlling government that socialism thrives on. I feel we have reached a point of critical concern. America has had the threat of socialistic thinking for many years; this is nothing new to America. America’s freedoms have been a threat to leaders who only want total control and power of us and to world leaders since our conception. The dictators, rulers, and all of those in control of socialistic countries have a disdain for America and have tried to influence our politicians with power and money. Proof of this is the recent discoveries of large sums of money from these countries and foreign individuals into the Clinton Foundation and other Democrat and Progressive organizations. George Soros has been a major player in the attempted destruction of the American way of life for a number of years. In this election season, you are only left with one question, which America are you going to vote for? I look at America’s political run with this view; we have been passengers in a bus that is being driven toward the cliff of socialism. Do we fire the driver and put in a driver who will turn our bus around or do we allow those who do not have our best interest in mind to continue driving? I believe this 2016 election will either continue us on the road to socialism or we can start to turn around the encroaching socialism in America that so many others want to see us fall into. Which way are you going to vote?

For Liberty and Freedom,