Tomorrow will mark the 15th anniversary of a day that unfortunately will become just another day in history. September 11, 2001, the day Osama Bin Laden launched an attack on America that for a short period of time brought all Americans together, white, black, man, woman, child, and even Republican’s and Democrat’s. September 11, brought countries together, but, more importantly, September 11, brought Americans to God in such numbers that churches were overflowing. Americans were turning to God to protect and bless America. Americans were turning to Christ in unprecedented numbers much like the numbers seen during the great revivals. America, for a short period of time, truly was a Christian Nation; of course, this was before Obama. America for a short time was a very pride filled, not in an unhealthy way but in a good way. American’s was flying the American Flag from whatever they could fly it from, but now we have schools who want to ban the flying of the American Flag for fear of offending some students and communities. The pride and patriotism that was shown after 09/11 hasn’t been seen in America since World War Two when every American sacrificed personally and freely to see America victorious. During WWII Americans went without meat so their soldiers could eat, they held metal and rubber drives so there could be equipment for their soldiers, women who had never held a job went to work in local factories to help build planes, tanks, ships or whatever was needed without complaining. America’s manufacturing plants that produced products for civilian consumption switched over to manufacture products that were needed on the war front, without complaining. Americans bought Bonds, everywhere you turned you were encouraged to buy Bonds, and even the children became involved in supporting America. Now, it seems to support America is regarded as wrong, we are being told that we shouldn’t take pride in a country that has advanced far above all other countries. We are told that we shouldn’t take pride in our ability to help those who are becoming victims of genocide by dictator rulers who massacre anyone or groups who want to live in a society that would promote freedom. Our colleges and universities are teaching; well, our colleges and universities are no longer teaching, instead, they have become indoctrination camps intent on turning our young adults against America and America’s way of life, and they are doing a really good job in doing this. We now have higher education promoting segregation by providing Black only housing. I thought that is what the 60’s civil rights protest was against, forced segregation, and for equality in jobs, education, and housing. How soon we forget. Now we have campuses giving perks to illegal students, College Professors removing any references to 9/11 that students put up, it seems that to even discuss 9/11 is a violation of free speech. Depaul University launched a free speech lecture series and banned conservative speakers. This list of anti-American examples could go on for pages but not to bore anyone I will end with this. I fear the America we have loved, respected, fought and died for will soon be lost if hurtful changes aren’t made. And yes, it might be too late for those changes to occur.

I started this writing about 9/11 and will end it on 9/11. Tomorrow, Sunday, September 11, take a moment to reflect back, especially to those who are too young to remember that tragic attack on America and talk to them explaining the way America once was, what made America great and why it is okay to Make America Great again.
For Liberty and Freedom. Ernie


Why Does Everyone Want to Build Another Tower of Babel?

Looking at the news this morning I found an interesting article describing man’s unrelenting attempt to build the tallest structure. It appears Saudi Arabia is now constructing a building, The Kingdom Tower, that when finished will reach 3,280 feet toward the heavens. They have already reached the 26th floor. However, this record won’t be held long as Iraq southern Basra Province is planning to build a 3,779-foot “mega tall” skyscraper reaching up to the heavens.

This desire to reach the heavens with the tallest building is nothing new. This desire is another example of man’s quest to prove his ability to accomplish great feats on his own. The truth is he doesn’t need to look to material things in order to reach heaven. We are told in Genesis 11:1-9 the story of the Tower of Babel. In this story man in his feeble attempt to make a name for himself attempts to build a tower to reach the heavens. I would love to travel back in time and ask them “how did that work for you”? I would encourage you to read the scripture to see how the story ends.

Man fails to realize one very simple truth. We don’t need to build the tallest tower to reach the heavens; actually, it only takes one simple step and it does not take millions upon millions of dollars. All it takes is a simple prayer asking God to forgive you of your sins, turning from your sins and accepting Jesus Christ as being risen from the dead after three days and as your personal Savior. Now, wasn’t that simple. If you haven’t already accepted Christ as your Savior I would suggest you find one of your close friends who are Christian, you know who they are, and ask them questions and if you still have questions they can direct you to their pastor who can answer your questions and guide you through the Prayer of Salvation. Hey, it’s Christmas, what better time to accept Christ into your life.

For Liberty and Freedom

A Long Answer to a Short Question

I received an email response to my last follow up blog on homosexuality from a very good friend saying and asking this:

I know what the problem is.

They are trying to do away with our Christian beliefs.

The question is what are we going to do about it?

Here is my response

I believe, that as Christians, we are standing on a very delicate balance scale. We have to remember that Satan the great deceiver has lied to the gay community and he has lied to our governing body by using “Political Correctness.” There are other groups of people Satan uses e.g., Hollywood, music industry, educational systems etc. My thoughts are we need to take our “attack” for lack of a better descriptive to these fronts but using different methods on each battlefield.

To the LGBT group, we need to remind them that Christ does love them each as a person, but by allowing Satan to deceive them and continuing to commit their sin Satan controls their life. This is where it will take pastors who are good orators with an almost oracle ability and for this I refer to Merriam-Webster’s definition #2 describing an Oracle as a person giving wise or authoritative decisions or opinions, and for our younger (middle and high school age) I would use Merriam-Webster’s definition for kids: an answer given by a person through whom God speaks. Our pastors have got to let God speak through them not them saying what they think their congregation wants to hear. Now here is where the molasses gets real thick. These pastor’s have to be able to relate to these groups of people in reverent ways, that is using conversation in ways that these young minds can hold on to, giving them a reason to think and search Gods word for their strength and answers. The majority of adult Christians don’t know how to talk to this age group using words, terms and phrase they understand. I recall in one of my investigation classes we had to learn how to talk they’re language as well as read and write it as this new generation does. (WE), as Christians and Pastors can not change the hearts of these people, all we need to remember is “our job is to help open the door” so Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, can enter their heart and transform the sinner.

This is where we need to focus on God the Son because God the Father knew that we in the flesh would weaken and submit to Satan’s sinful ways. Their misguided thinking says that through Jesus all sins are forgiven so therefore there is no sin. Yes, there are no sins that can’t be forgiven through accepting Jesus Christ and “ONLY” Jesus Christ as the risen King and the only way to the Kingdom of God is through Him but how we present this is going to make the difference between Heaven and Hell for some child.

Why are the “gay” pastors so successful in bringing the weak to their thinking? They refer to the Old Testament as the unfair and unjust God and refer to Jesus as the understanding and accepting Jesus. Nothing is said about asking for forgiveness only that Jesus accepts them, as they are, even gay. And He does, however, He also recognizes that homosexuality is a sin and seeks to forgive them but only if they ask for forgiveness.  Asking for forgiveness means, one has to understand they are committing a sin and the “gay church” can’t allow that to happen. Our pastors need to have an ever-increasing understanding of Jesus Christ through the New Testament and be able to relate to the appropriate age group through conversation they can understand. We can no longer fall back on “it’s a sin because God says it is” These kids today need to know how and why it is a sin and how it affects them and those around them.

The next battlefield we are presented with is our politician’s. This is probably the simplest battle to win. We need to come together as a church representing Gods people and elect only representatives that are in this mindset and willing to stand up against political correctness for what is right. The church has to become involved with our political process and bring issues to the congregations in such a way that it is not offensive but informative while reminding the congregation why it is important to become politically involved and vote. The alternative up to this point hasn’t worked very well. There are going to be those who say it is in Gods’ hands, and they are right, ultimately it is, but God put us here to fulfill the great commission (Matthew 28:16-20) so his people, who are every person on earth, can see what he wants for them and us. We can’t do that hiding in our closets, our homes and in our church. We need to vote out the people who continually vote against the Word of God and we can learn who that is by looking at past voting records and learning what the bills involve. Is it hard? Yes, it is. Is it worth it? Yes, it is. I want God to say, “well done good and faithful servant” when I come before him.

The third battlefield is our sight and sound arena. Satan has found incredible weapons to use against our children in movies, television, magazines, and sports. Our children and young adults have placed our actors and actresses and sports professionals who are constantly in the limelight on a pedestal equal to or higher than God. Who allowed this media outlet to so tightly control our children? We did, by not being involved in our children’s lives. A child will find a hero somewhere. If one of these celebrities says something the peer pressure forces them to concede and go along with “the crowd”. The same goes for our athletes. Our children see their sudden rise to fame, the money, women, sex, and drugs and from a young mind that looks enticing. The problem is they are only mimicking us as adults. Look at the uncontrolled adults who live by their team whether it is pro sports, college or even high school sports. Go to any major sporting event and look at the body painting fathers are putting on their selves. What message is this telling our children? Fantasy sports are the latest tool Satan uses to bring unsuspecting adults and young adults into his fold. Once they experience this false sense of accomplishment Satan has them hooked. They see what the rewards are in following this lifestyle and focus only on that. Domestic violence rises on major game days if the father’s favorite team fails to win. He becomes so angered he takes it out on his wife and kids, which starts another cycle of violence, as the child sees this they grow older and continue the cycle of violence. Man loses, Satan wins.

This is a long answer to your question and still does not cover it completely. I can sum this up with this; everything you just read and we as a society are experiencing is because

  • Preachers, for the most part, don’t learn how to present Gods word to different audiences. I DID NOT SAY change Gods word, just present it in a way that is better understood by those who need it so much.
  • To the parents who have empowered the educational system to raise their children because they didn’t want to take the time away from their lives. Also to the parents who don’t take the time to know what their child is involved in.
  • To our politicians, who have strayed from the direction God intended for this country to go. I truly do believe God intended for America to be the shining country on the hill.
  • To our educators who have control of our children’s minds for 6-8 hours a day, they need to teach in a way that is relevant to Gods word, they can do this without having bible verses memorized in class or even reading from the Bible, although that would be nice. They need to ensure the facts of America’s history are correct and not history rewritten by revisionist for the politically correct.

For Liberty and Freedom, Ernie

Modern Day Sodom A Follow-Up

Modern Day Sodom
A Follow-Up

This is going to be a short follow-up to my last blog. I have made several statements in the past that there are underlying goals the LBGT groups are focused on. These goals have been subdued from the beginning and have been secluded from the main street media and from the straight population and the Christian churches in general. We have been led to believe it was all about equal rights under marriage laws. The LBGT groups claimed they did not hold the same rights as a spouse under the then current marriage laws. This is bull excrement, plain and simple.

Anyone who has read my blogs and emails or listen to any of my discussions knows that I have made statements that the LGBT groups with the support of non-Christians, Agnostics, and Atheists have made it very clear that as Christians we are to keep our thoughts and beliefs to ourselves in our homes, Sunday school classes and within the four walls of our churches. I have also said that as a group we have followed direction very well and as such that if changes aren’t made we are going to silence ourselves into extinction. Well I have again been vindicated.

Unless you live in Georgia you probably do not know about the case against an Atlanta Fire Department Chief Kevin Cochran. This Chief has been terminated for holding to his Christian beliefs and in believing a marriage is between one man and one woman and opposed homosexuality. As a Christian and a leader in his church, he wrote a short book concerning this issue. According to statements he has made he ran it past the HR department for approval and he did pass it out to a few select individuals inside the Fire Department he thought he could trust. Apparently a copy fell into the wrong hands and complaints were made. Atlanta’s illustrious Mayor Kasim Reed, who follows the wind in whatever direction it blows as long as he feels it will contribute to his political future, ended the career of Kevin Cochran. Several hearings have taken place and most recently last week revealed a truth that should be the topic of all upcoming discussions in the church and among Christians.

An article in The Daily Signal by Kelsey Harkness tells us:

The city of Atlanta made “dangerous” admissions in a court hearing today, argued the lawyer for the former Atlanta fire chief who was terminated from his job after controversy related to a religious book he authored that included his views on homosexuality.
“[The city] actually argued that you’re entitled to have beliefs and opinions, but you have to keep them to yourself, inside the four walls of your house or your church—that you shouldn’t bring them out into the public, and you shouldn’t bring them out if you’re employed by a government agency,” Alliance Defending Freedom senior counsel David Cortman told The Daily Signal. Emphasis mine.

Occasionally, we are rewarded with a tidbit of truth although this tidbit is the size of Stone Mountain. Here is the truth; Marriage equality isn’t at all about equal marriage for same-sex couples, it is only about doing away with marriage entirely and trying even with more intent focus to do away with Christianity. Without Christianity, there can be no guilt. There can be no substantial argument against any currently recognized sin. The city of Sodom is just down the road and around the corner.

For Liberty and Freedom.   Ernie

When Will This Carnage Stop

Here we go again, another school shooting, massacre, slaying, slaughter or what ever you might choose to label it. No matter the label, people died. It might have been someone’s husband, wife, daughter, son, brother or sister or any countless combinations of victims. What are their names? I don’t know and I know I will be deemed uncaring, unsympathetic, compassionless, (okay I admit I am all of those things) but the names aren’t important. What is important is we can’t let this incident go by without using it to march forward the issue of gun control. As usual President Obama came to the podium within hours and used the heart breaking incident to preach not about the coming together as a community to offer strength to the families of the victims and to each other, not suggesting to the people to offer help to the community that was desperately short of resources, his mentioning of these items was minimal compared to what his main goal was. Instead, his main focus was once again just as it was in South Caroline and Newtown, Conn., and that was the unwillingness of America to come to grips with the only way to curb this type of killings is with more comprehensive gun control. This thinking has been the argument every time we have had changes to our policies regarding the purchase of guns, and with every tightening of the restriction we can’t document any notable reduction in gun related incidents. Gun control is not the issue. President Obama going before the people and preaching the need for more gun control is at best laughable. Why do we only hear from him on this issue when it happens at a school, a mall, a church or any other public gathering place? Why does he not get up before the people every Monday and talk about the 20+ people who were killed or shot during an average weekend in Chicago. The following was taken from the Chicago Tribune dated September 21, 2015:

Eight people were killed and at least 45 people were wounded in shootings between Friday evening and early Monday, making it the second most violent weekend in Chicago this year. The only weekend that was worse was July 3-6, when 57 people were shot, seven fatally, according to an analysis of Chicago Tribune data on shootings and homicides. When compared with non-holiday weekends, this past weekend was the worst with 53 people shot. The next highest weekends were Aug. 8-10. Forty or more people were shot every weekend from July 24 to 27 to Aug. 28-31. Since March, the number of gunshot victims has reached double digits every single weekend, according to the data. Since April 10-13, the number of gunshot victims has always been 25 or more.

Why do we not hear President Obama talking about these statistics? He can’t. Why? Illinois and especially Chicago have some of the most stringent gun laws in the country. He can’t because these shooting happened one or two at a time. It would be hard to stand before the people and cry a need for more gun control when the most stringent gun control laws in Chicago and other cities doesn’t seem to work. As I have said several times in the past and will continue to say, these victims don’t matter to the Administration, what matters is they now have another opportunity to sell the American public in their moment of shock and grief that more gun control laws will stop these senseless killings. Well, tell me Chicago, how is that working for you.

Whether or not one would actually stand up and admit this can only be answered in your mind, but gun control is not about stopping shootings, it’s about people control. Here are just a few quotes regarding gun control from leaders who insisted it wasn’t about people control:

“Jews (§5 of the First Regulations of the German Citizenship Law of 14 November 1935, Reichsgesetzblatt I, p. 1333) are prohibited from acquiring, possessing, and carrying firearms and ammunition, as well as truncheons or stabbing weapons. Those now possessing weapons and ammunition are at once to turn them over to the local police authority.”

 “Gun control has not worked in D.C. The only people who have guns are criminals. We have the strictest gun laws in the nation and one of the highest murder rates. It’s quicker to pull your Smith and Wesson than to dial 911 if you’re being robbed.” – Lieutenant Lowell Duckett, President Black Police Caucus, Special Assistant to Washington, D.C. Police Chief

“Firearms and ammunition found in a Jew’s possession will be forfeited to the government without compensation.” Nazi Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

 “The measures adopted to restore public order are: First of all, the elimination of the so-called subversive elements. … They were elements of disorder and subversion.  On the morrow of each conflict I gave the categorical order to confiscate the largest possible number of weapons of every sort and kind.  This confiscation, which continues with the utmost energy, has given satisfactory results.”
– Benito Mussolini, address to the Italian Senate, 1931

“All political power comes from the barrel of a gun.  The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.”
– Mao Tze Tung, Nov 6 1938

 “Armas para que? (“Guns, for what?”)”
A response to Cuban citizens who said the people might need to keep their guns, after Castro announced strict gun control in Cuba.
– Fidel Castro

 And last but certainly not least…

“US Senator, If I could have banned them all – ‘Mr. and Mrs. America turn in your guns’ – I would have!”
– Diane Feinstein, Statement on TV program 60 Minutes, Feb 5 1995

 Was the incident in Roseburg tragic? Yes it was. Were any of the other incidents that have occurred tragic? Yes they were. But gun control is not the answer.

There are several areas of concern we need to look at. We do not need to be increasing gun control but looking at our country and learning why America’s society has reached a point to where someone is willing to gather multiple guns and ammunition and walk into a school with the focused intent of killing as many people as they can. Why does Chicago have so many shootings and killings as they do? I believe (okay here comes the conspiracy theory) this is all by plan. Segments of our population has been misled and lied to by some in our government into the thinking that government can provide for them better than they can if they had a job, hence Welfare. How do we keep the jobs from being available to those who are in need of them? By making them “not available.” Our corporate taxes are so high that companies take their jobs and profits off shore to protect the shareholders. If those in power can increase the number of recipients of government welfare enough; after all it is easier to make money for doing nothing vs. having to actually work for it, they only assure themselves of being re-elected year after year after year. When you have large number of welfare recipients living on dismal welfare money they want more and without an education and available jobs they can’t work for it so they turn to drugs and other types of crime, all of which requires a gun, which increases gun violence thereby gives reason to preach more gun control.

Another area of control is in the education system. If you look at the cities with the highest rates of unemployment, highest number of reported shootings you will likely find a school system with higher drop out rates. In these cities and districts you will find a defunct educational system run by a union and teachers that are only interested in maintaining the highest salary possible. The City of New York at one time had what was referred to as “rubber rooms” where teachers who were no longer capable of actually teaching went to this room or rooms read newspapers, watched television, slept or any other number of things and still continued to get paid. I believe they have stopped this practice due to being discovered. Try firing a teacher in one of these defunct cities and you will find it is almost impossible. The number of young adults who are voicing their support for Bernie Sanders should in it’s self be frightening. Bernie, it seems, is a self proclaimed Socialist and has proudly displayed his love for socialism for years. In socialist countries guns are not welcome. I include this bit of information in the section dealing with education only because our high schools and colleges and universities are openly criticizing our form of government in favor of socialism. This is the explanation for their high rate of support for Bernie Sanders. We are sending our children in to classrooms where they are being indoctrinated into the socialist mindset.

A third area is entertainment. We have movies that glorify this type of incident raising the predator to Hollywood status leaving the individual that has social acceptance problems with the misaligned belief that he or she will get social recognition by committing this type of act. The second part of this area is the extremely graphic video games that is desensitizing our youth to the violence and carnage that is associated with this type of crime.

A fourth area is our media, especially the social media sites, i.e., Face book, Snap Chat etc. Again, I have said many times these incidents would not occur at the rate they are if weren’t for the attention the shooter received raising them to an almost hero status in the eyes of a deranged person who wants his name remembered in history. Chris Harper Mercer in his recent Internet post seemed to idolize Adam Lanza and the publicity he received for his shooting at Newtown, Conn. Yes, copycat criminals are real.

The last area and I believe the most important one we must look at is the continued attempt to remove our Christian beliefs. In recent years Christianity has practically become oppressed to where it is almost beyond recognition. It has now come to the point to where we can’t have any Christian symbols exhibited for fear it may make some people feel uncomfortable. We are more worried about being politically correct than morally right. Go to some other countries and tell them you feel uncomfortable looking at their religious symbols. Our colleges and universities are openly condemning Christianity and makes it increasingly hard for a Christian student to attend without being bullied. Bullying it seems is okay as long as it is directed at Christians. It has been reported the shooter in Roseburg, OR asked the students if they were Christian if they answered yes they were told to stand up. They were killed. The others who denied being Christian were shot in the leg. When prayer was removed from our schools we started seeing increases in the drop out rate, teen pregnancies, drug use started increasing along with general crime and society has continued down its slippery dark road ever since.

I will end this blog with this. We now have a society that has no moral compass, no grounded knowledge of right or wrong much less absolute right or wrong.

For Liberty and Freedom, Ernie

Trans Changed: The New American Citizen

The Beatles released a song in 1966 called Eleanor Rigby in this song were the lines “All the lonely people where do they all come from? All the lonely people where do they all belong”? The incredible thing is those words are especially proving true today. We have so blurred the definition of individuality and the roles of male and female to the point that if someone is not happy with their life they can just take on another life.

The most recent and by far the most recognized is the “journey” that Bruce Jenner set out on last year by his so-called sex change. I believe we must look at his life and the lives of others prior to and after they have made this choice to change the body they were born with. I will be up front and say that I personally do not know anyone that has transgendered into the opposite body. Yes, I did use the word body versus sex, because there is no sex change. There is only the outward appearance change from one body to the other. Just because a male goes through the medical procedures of injections, Adams Apple shaving, penis removal and restructuring the penal nerves and skin into what resembles a vagina along with other procedures doesn’t make him a female it just makes them look like one. Why are we so fast to justify the changing of the body from one appearance to another by surgery instead of looking for ways to enhance or tweak the male or female characteristics of their current body into a stronger essence of the body they were born with? Having known several men who have taken testosterone therapy all of which stated it made them feel more like a man than they ever knew they could experience leaves me asking that question. Bruce Jenner obviously was not happy with his life and had become very despondent. Living with the Kardashians didn’t exactly give him a feeling of masculinity. He was always in the background. A large number of young people under the age of 25 didn’t remember or know that he was an Olympic Gold Medalist. Some didn’t even know who Bruce Jenner was. All of the media attention is on the females of the house not poor “old Bruce.” As soon as he made it public that he was undergoing this journey all the media attention turned to him and remains on “him” at least for the time being but what will happen when he falls from the spotlight and he is just an old confused man in a woman’s body. Where do they all belong? While I have focused on Bruce the focus could just as easily been on any number of confused people who are neglected, confused but especially mentally despondent in their lives.

Enter a whole new era of these people because now we have a whole new society of trans-people. People that are so insecure in their current life they are unknowingly succumbing to the influences of a thought process that would take a whole medical school to diagnose. Oh wait, these schools are assigning new medical terms to these ridiculous thought processes and encouraging them to undertake their own journey. Instead of helping them to work through their feelings they are condoning their feelings. The newest term at least to some people is “trans abled” this is a term that reached a new low, very low, where a person feels they are born handicapped in a normal body and yes, there are doctors who are removing body parts so these people can feel more fulfilled.

Now we have a term I will use although I haven’t heard it officially used and that is Trans-Colored. Just in the last week we have another person in the spotlight and that is Rachel Dolezal. Rachel is a 37-year-old white female that thinks she is black. Rachel Dolezal, is the current president of the Spokane, WA. NAACP. Her parents, Lawrence and Ruthanne Dolezal, have come forward producing a Birth Certificate showing she was born on November 12, 1977 in Lincoln County, Montana. Both Lawrence and Ruthanne are white and Rachel is white. The couple did adopt four children two of whom were black, while Rachel was still at home and in her teenage years. This is where her mental process started to become disillusioned. She started aligning herself with the black population during this time. The question is why? I believe it is due to two psychological tendencies: the first being what is called “Stockholm Syndrome.” While this term has been primarily used as a law enforcement term it can apply to Rachel. Merriam-Webster defines Stockholm syndrome as: the psychological tendency of a hostage to bond with, identify with, or sympathize with his or her captor. Looking at that definition and removing the forced hostage or captor portion you have a young female who is impressionable and being consumed with the social systems involvement in the adoption of the black children thus she started becoming connected to the needs of the black person. She was also involved in the Voice of Calvary a racial reconciliation community development project where blacks and whites live together. During this time the person speaks, sounds and acts and takes on the mannerisms of the culture you live in. It was a result of this social experiment that she became (sympathetic) with and took on the second tendency and that is the “persona” of a black person. She further fell victim to her misaligned thoughts by darkening her skin and styling her hair as a black female would. She became so entwined in her own deception that she had a picture of a black man she claimed was her father and was able to fool the Spokane NAACP into electing her as their president.

Where is all of this social deception going? The phrase, being led down a slippery slope proves to be true. What has happened over the last two decades that has brought society to openly accept gender re-alignment, not identifying the sex of a child at birth and letting them decide later in life which they choose to be, allowing a school age boy to decide if he wants to be a boy or girl on any given day and provide him the right to use which ever restroom he wants? We are now society where a child can leave a note telling their mom they are now a person of the opposite sex and the parent doesn’t have the right to counsel their child? We have a school system where God can’t be mentioned but we can have LGBT clubs and encourage children to become involved. We have churches that have opened their arms and doors to the homosexual community to come into their church, not as a forgiven sinner but as a leader of the church. We teach the atrocities of Hitler killing 5 Million Jews but say nothing of the killing of 50 million babies in the name of abortion. I believe very much in God and in Gods word. I can only turn to the book of Genesis Chapter 19 and Isaiah 9:8-21 and the Book of Revelation especially the last third of the book to find answers. We as a society and as a nation have turned our back on God and for this we will pay.

For Liberty and Freedom, Ernie

The Power in a Word and the Meaning of Being Born Again

Sunday, I had the opportunity to listen to two Pastors from Ecuador who were visiting America and were invited to our church. I found their humbleness to be most gratifying. During their testimony Pastor Jose spoke on Matthew 28:19 (NIV) 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. It was during this short talk that I realized the power of a verb in the Bible.

To often when we read the Bible we read a verse or several verses and look at the entire verse instead of looking at the words. Maybe this is due to the many speed-reading lessons that are out there that focuses on reading the greatest number of words and trying to put them to memorization without seeing the meaning behind the words. I will admit I might be the only person that does this due to my forgetting my grammar lessons and sentence diagraming from elementary and high school but it took a Pastor from Ecuador to remind me of what I have forgotten.

These 25 words in the NIV edition are probably some of the most important words in the Bible. Why, because this is where Jesus commissions the Disciples to do what He has trained them up to do. Let’s break this verse down and look at the verbs. In doing this I had to revisit some of my early learning to see just what a verb was. Of course I know a verb is something that shows action but I had forgotten there are more definitions of a verb. A Verb is a word that expresses action or a state of being. For the purpose of this blog I will only use the main definition that being “action.”

Why am I going through this? It is my hope that when you open your Bible you will actually look at the words that are spoken to us, and study what God wants us to learn from His inspired words. So to take this simple sentence that so many of us have memorized without actually realizing the importance of why it is spoken to us in the manner it is will hopefully open up a desire to re-read the Bible in a different way.

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. As I said earlier this is a verse that answers many questions for me when I realized the emphasis placed on the verbs. When I understood the importance Jesus placed on these words I better understood this verse. As we read in Mathew Henry’s Commentaries he breaks the verse down where we can better understand the importance Jesus places not only on the disciples but on us as well. Jesus was commissioned by God to set about His business and empower the apostles. Jesus in turn empowers the apostles when he said, “Therefore go” through this empowering he gave to them all the power necessary to take his word forward. Jesus then told them where to take his word, “to all nations” Jesus did not limit them to only the friendly nations he gave the command “of all nations” excluding none. Also, during that time the areas inhabiting gentiles was avoided but this commission “to all nations” removed that barrier and opened the door for Gods word to be brought to the gentiles. It was Gods intent for all nations to become Christian nations, that Christianity be entwined into national constitutions.

Baptizing . For Baptism to follow Gods direction it must be done in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Baptism is something that should not be taken lightly. It is my feeling there are too many churches today that baptize for the numbers instead of the salvation of those being baptized. Can a person be saved or born again without being baptized, well, I will leave the details up to the scholars but I would like to think so. Baptism, either by submersion, sprinkling or washing is only an outward expression of an inward change. Baptism is for our eyes because we cannot see in the hearts of the baptized, only God can see there. It is what he see’s that matters, not what we see.

Another point mentioned Sunday was the difference between being a Christian and being Born Again. It has become to easy for someone to call them selves a Christian when they actually mean they attend church to look the part. It has become easy for a person to say they are Christian thinking that by saying “I’m a Christian” and saying I always do good things or I don’t take advantage of people or I tithe and give to charities etc. will save them. If we confronted these “Christians” we would find they don’t know the difference between being a Christian and the importance of being Born Again. To be Born Again is to repent, turn away from your sins ask for forgiveness and surrender yourself unto the Lord, placing your sins at the foot of the cross and resting on the knowledge that your soul has secured it’s reservation in God’s Kingdom.

An interesting point mentioned by Pastor Adrian, the second pastor, was how the the churches in Ecuador look to America as being a Godly Nation and how America has maintained Christianity at a level of reverence. When he said that I wanted to look away in shame. It is evident he hasn’t spent a lot of time here and when he does visit he only spends time in Christian surroundings. If he ventured out on his own for any length of time and engaged in conversation with many people from different areas and walks of life he would find things a little different. America has turned her back on God, maybe not as individuals but defiantly as a country. God, while he cares for each of us individually, also holds the country and it’s leaders to a higher standard. It is my sincere belief that God set America aside as the shining city on the hill to be the protector of the poor, the hungry, to those who live enslaved in countries where they have no rights, where they are victims of tyrannical leaders who encourage the genital mutilation in young girls or starve the people to the point of death. It is also my belief that we have let him down. There are so many ways as a country we have let God down that I feel there may not be another revival in America, that America is seeing the beginning of our end and all we have now is to make sure we as individuals are secure in our salvation and live by Matthew 28:19 and look deep in our souls and confirm we are truly born again.

For Liberty and Freedom, Ernie