Tomorrow will mark the 15th anniversary of a day that unfortunately will become just another day in history. September 11, 2001, the day Osama Bin Laden launched an attack on America that for a short period of time brought all Americans together, white, black, man, woman, child, and even Republican’s and Democrat’s. September 11, brought countries together, but, more importantly, September 11, brought Americans to God in such numbers that churches were overflowing. Americans were turning to God to protect and bless America. Americans were turning to Christ in unprecedented numbers much like the numbers seen during the great revivals. America, for a short period of time, truly was a Christian Nation; of course, this was before Obama. America for a short time was a very pride filled, not in an unhealthy way but in a good way. American’s was flying the American Flag from whatever they could fly it from, but now we have schools who want to ban the flying of the American Flag for fear of offending some students and communities. The pride and patriotism that was shown after 09/11 hasn’t been seen in America since World War Two when every American sacrificed personally and freely to see America victorious. During WWII Americans went without meat so their soldiers could eat, they held metal and rubber drives so there could be equipment for their soldiers, women who had never held a job went to work in local factories to help build planes, tanks, ships or whatever was needed without complaining. America’s manufacturing plants that produced products for civilian consumption switched over to manufacture products that were needed on the war front, without complaining. Americans bought Bonds, everywhere you turned you were encouraged to buy Bonds, and even the children became involved in supporting America. Now, it seems to support America is regarded as wrong, we are being told that we shouldn’t take pride in a country that has advanced far above all other countries. We are told that we shouldn’t take pride in our ability to help those who are becoming victims of genocide by dictator rulers who massacre anyone or groups who want to live in a society that would promote freedom. Our colleges and universities are teaching; well, our colleges and universities are no longer teaching, instead, they have become indoctrination camps intent on turning our young adults against America and America’s way of life, and they are doing a really good job in doing this. We now have higher education promoting segregation by providing Black only housing. I thought that is what the 60’s civil rights protest was against, forced segregation, and for equality in jobs, education, and housing. How soon we forget. Now we have campuses giving perks to illegal students, College Professors removing any references to 9/11 that students put up, it seems that to even discuss 9/11 is a violation of free speech. Depaul University launched a free speech lecture series and banned conservative speakers. This list of anti-American examples could go on for pages but not to bore anyone I will end with this. I fear the America we have loved, respected, fought and died for will soon be lost if hurtful changes aren’t made. And yes, it might be too late for those changes to occur.

I started this writing about 9/11 and will end it on 9/11. Tomorrow, Sunday, September 11, take a moment to reflect back, especially to those who are too young to remember that tragic attack on America and talk to them explaining the way America once was, what made America great and why it is okay to Make America Great again.
For Liberty and Freedom. Ernie