Do We Really Care Anymore

I received the link below from one of our Congressional members a few days ago but was too busy to really read all of it and process what I had seen. What I do see, and what really upsets me more, is knowing that there are those who would let Americans die when there was no need for it, just for their personal gain. In seeing and listening to what has transpired over the last few years during the Benghazi investigation should alarm every American; whether Republican, Democrat, White, Black, Hispanic, legal or not and any other people that have decided to make this land their home. It didn’t take long to realize there were several other releases pertaining to this same topic but some didn’t seem to be as complete as this was. As I said, being too busy to read it with any depth I did listen to as much as I was able to on the radio, Sirius radio and several radio stations around the country on I-Hart Radio. What I heard, disappointed me more than the article itself.

What was it that disappointed me so? It was the realization that many Americans just don’t care about what happened in Benghazi. We have become a country where people only think about themselves and [m]aybe their family. We have become a nation of people that says as long as it doesn’t interfere with me directly I don’t want to know about it nor do I care. We have become a nation of people that says I will vote for the person who I think will help me, personally, the most and it doesn’t matter if that person doesn’t want the best for America, or my children and grandchildren I only want for me right now. Let the younger generation worry about their future later. That is what disappoints me the most.

In looking at what America has become regarding the welfare of America, I want to find a place of solitude where I can look back on an America where people cared for their neighbor but actually knew them, they had an interest in seeing their community do well. A place where children were told they could accomplish whatever they wanted in life. I would like to see an America where people toiled over their labor and enjoyed the personal reward of knowing they had accomplished something worthwhile. I would like to see an America where God, the God of The Holy Bible, was still in the forefront of people’s lives where we weren’t afraid to admit that we believed in God and Jesus Christ. A place where we weren’t afraid to let our children go to the bathroom on their own and didn’t have to worry about some mentally deranged person who can’t make up their mind what he or she wants to be for that day being turned loose in there with our child because our government says we have to go along with it. What does this have to do with the Benghazi Investigation? Simply this, if we still lived in an America where these issues mattered there would be no doubt that these investigations would not have happened at all because instead of being called to “Stand Down” our soldiers would have been told to go kick some ass. For Liberty and Freedom, Ernie


One thought on “Do We Really Care Anymore

  1. You are correct. It is sad to see the greatest nation the world has ever seen being tron apart, internally, by apathy and a poor educational system.
    Jefferson warned us of this. Furthermore, history has shown that Democracies all self destruct . . . we were founded as a Democratic REPUBLIC and, during the past 120 years, have been morphed into a Democracy.
    Add to this the corruption & extortion and it is hard to remain optimistic about our future. But, we cannot give up.


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