It’s all about the Gay’s We No Longer Have a Terrorist Attack on America The Orlando Terror Attack Has Been Reduced to a Massacre

A recent interview with Anderson Cooper and Pam Bond, Florida Attorney General, again proves that journalist can’t be trusted. Ms. Bond was doing the interview thinking the focus was going to be on the positive aspect of the heartfelt contributions that have come into the victims and families. Instead, he hit her with questions trying to show her as anti-gay. This interview further proves that we have become a country where it’s all about the individual or individual groups, and in this case it’s the gay community. I made a post earlier in the week about how we are not seeing the anger in the terrorist attacks against America instead we are now being told that the attack was only against the gay community and not against America. If that was the case why are we hearing that Disney World and other Florida locations some of which were gay clubs was possible locations on his list? It should not be a surprise that Omar made visits to several gay nightclubs, you have to infiltrate your enemy if you want to find the greatest weakness and in this case, it was “The Pulse” nightclub. Why this particular nightclub? From the news reports, I find it obvious as to why; this night club had a somewhat unique entrance that would make it hard for anyone to escape without having to go past him thereby allowing him more captive targets (people) to shoot. The ones that were able to escape had to do so by breaking windows along with other forceful means of escape. It should not come as a great surprise to anyone that Islam does not approve of the homosexual lifestyle. Another question that has been asked, is Omar gay? No, I don’t think so, but to learn the battlefield he had to spend time in the battlefield learning his enemy. Now don’t let his target fool you into thinking his act of violence was just against homosexuals, it was first against America, the overwhelming dislike for homosexuals that Islam holds offered him another target along with America. There are many videos on the Internet showing the killing of homosexuals in several Islamic countries but you have not heard any outrage here in America from the homosexual community denouncing this activity. Not one march to save the homosexuals that are being killed due to Sharia Law and what they consider acceptable practice of killing homosexuals. Not one suggestion for the U.S. to go over and bring this injustice to a stop. Not one word until someone kills a bunch of gays over here then it’s all about the gay community. I would not be surprised to see assembling in the streets and marches in Washington demanding protection in and for the known gay communities. Forget about protecting America, we have to protect the gay community. Why is America now comprised of sub-groups? America used to be a country of Americans but not anymore. We now have White Americans, Black Americans, and Gay Americans, etc., why can’t we all just be Americans and raise hell if a terrorist attacks Americans on America’s soil.

We are following in history’s footsteps of isolating certain groups of people; the Jews were separated and singled out in Germany that led to the killing of millions of Jews. Joseph Stalin said: “Divide the world into regional groups as a transitional stage to world government. Populations will more readily abandon their national loyalty to a vague regional loyalty than they will for a world authority. Later the regions can be brought together all the way into a single world dictatorship.” I believe that is what is happening here in America; there is an never tiring attempt to separate our people into sub-groups, white, black, homosexual and within this group they are defining it into even smaller groups: lesbian, bi-sexual, gay, transgendered and now they have added queer, we also have upper class, middle class and the lower class people and communities. With the division of people there comes conflict between these groups and as a result they don’t see the bigger picture, because we are looking a so many little pictures, of what is happening around them. Divide and Conquer as the saying goes.

It wasn’t long ago that we saw the “Occupy Wall Street Movement,” which was to bring distrust to the financial segments of America. Now we have recently had the “Black Lives Movement” rolling across America to bring mistrust to law enforcement. Now we have the “Anti-Trump” movement that follows Trump wherever he goes, this group is not merely a gathering of young people who strive for a Socialist form of government it is a group of well organized, almost professional protesters who are inciting anger and fear in Americans who might want to attend a Trump rally, with either the fear or anger emotion the Anti-Trump group wins. All of these groups have one purpose, and may not realize how they are being used to accomplish this purpose or they don’t care and that is to bring a state of “divide and conquer” into our country, a divided people can’t defend itself from any organized opposition, as it is too busy defending and arguing against each other. All of this, I believe, is being brought about so our government can, at some point, institute a rule of martial law. Once the government can create enough chaos and fighting amongst ourselves it can declare martial law without much opposition. I said in a recent post that it would not surprise me if the “lack of over site” of the San Bernardino shooters were done with a purpose in mind. There was no vetting of the female because our government didn’t check either of their emails or Facebook. In the case of the San Bernardino shooters, the government couldn’t even decide if looking at their Facebook page, after they were dead, was a violation of their rights. I have a problem with that. Our government doesn’t mind infringing in our Facebook pages, tapping into our phone conversations, intercepting our emails all in the name of securing America but won’t look at the Facebook page of a dead terrorist. With the Orlando shooter, we are told that the government had been watching Omar Mateen for several years and had interviews with him because of his apparent affiliations with known extremist but did not see a reason to put him on a list to prevent him from buying weapons. There are more than several confirmed incidents of Omar Mateen making remarks that border terrorist remarks but all were overlooked. Were they overlooked for a reason?

Here is my take on our liberal media and how it is shaping our thinking. If you will remember, Katie Couric, the lame duck journalist, who made a documentary “Under the Gun” where she interviewed several people of the Virginia Citizens Defense League. She instructed them to sit in a room for several minutes to wait for the interview, during this time the cameras in the room were on and recording these people just sitting and looking around. During the interview, she talked awhile and asked questions which the interviewees answer without hesitation and gave very knowledgeable answers. After the interview was concluded she entered into the editing portion and dubbed in up to nine seconds of silence after some of the questions and periods of the people looking around appearing to be in a confused state of mind on other questions. Her intent was to make these people appear to be ignorant and incapable of answering a basic question pertaining to guns. I believe it is apparent that our main street media is a group that cannot be trusted to present “just the facts,” they are going to insert their personal feelings and agenda into the narrative making interviews and stories show the desired effect they want. My suggestion to the politicians and people in the public eye is to go ahead and give the interview, just make sure you have your camera or recorders rolling from the time you walk into a room or up to a journalist or one walks up to you, because if you don’t, what you say will be twisted into an answer that fits their agenda and makes you look plain stupid, although in some cases that won’t be very hard.

For Liberty and Freedom, Ernie


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