What Makes an America an American

Does being born in American make you an American? Most everyone would say yes; I would say no, why, because as it is now anyone born in America automatically is given the status of being an American citizen. That is why we have anchor babies. But does being born here make you an American, and what makes you an American? I believe being an American is as much about being born here but more importantly having a heart for American ideology and core beliefs is what makes you an American. There are people who are not citizens of America but has such a love for our ideology and core beliefs they are more of an American than someone who was born here but follows an ideology that runs counter to America’s beliefs and ideology.

There now seems to be many questioning Omar Mateen’s citizenship. Was he a citizen? Everyone says yes, especially those on the television show “The View” who limits their conversation to the fact that he was born here but not going any further into what makes an American. Omar Mateen was born in America just as Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter who killed 13 people on the military base, was born in America, actually, Nidal Hasan was born in Virginia and Omar was born in New York. Both of these shooters were born in America but obviously did not believe in America the way a citizen should believe in the country they were born into or took the oath to become a citizen of. How many immigrants come into this country, study the material and take the test with no intent of assimilating into the American way of life? We are suddenly faced with a new dilemma, home-grown terrorist. Before I go any further in this post I want to say I know there are American’s who have committed acts of terror, Timothy McVeigh bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, OK killing 168 people and Eric Rudolph in 1998 bombed an abortion clinic killing one person and severely injuring another person are just two; however, in looking at the overall picture we find that there are more naturalized citizens or non-citizens responsible for the killing of Americans since the early 90’s.

Americans have a problem in labeling people because they will either be called homophobic, racist, paranoid or any other titles that we have become so afraid of being called. Because of this, we have unknowingly lumped everyone into one group and have not recognized that some in this group don’t believe in the same core principles as others in this group. The really bad thing is those that don’t believe in American principles are now influencing some American’s to have doubts in the core beliefs that was responsible for forming the America that for so many years people from other countries sought to become a part of. Our liberal/socialist educators in our colleges and universities have perpetrated this feeling of confusion in our millennial’s.

Our most recent mass shooting occurred in Orlando, FL. Inside a well-known gay nightclub “The Pulse.” Omar Mateen, the shooter, who during the incident phoned 911 and pledged his allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS. Now we have people in the media who are saying that Omar has pledged his allegiance to many different people and groups as said on The View. This is a way of distracting the Muslim ties Omar had. Omar Mateen was a Muslim, his parents are Muslim, and his father has very questionable Muslim ties. Twice the FBI, for his Muslim connections and statements he has made, has investigated Omar. As a very good friend of mine would say “in my profession that sounds like a clue phone ringing.”

Presumptive Republican Candidate Donald Trump has stated that America needs to place a temporary ban on all immigration from Muslim based countries until we, America, can figure out a way to vet these people and (try) to determine if there are any ties to terrorist organizations. The liberals are having a feeding frenzy on this one. They have blown this way out of proportion. Trump was not suggesting a permanent ban on anyone, he was merely suggesting a temporary ban hoping our alphabet agencies could reach some agreement on how to determine who to let in and who to turn away. The POTUS today spoke absolutely ridiculing Trump and asking the question (paraphrased) “are the Republican leadership actually going to allow this.” There are numerous reasons we need to be cautious of Muslims entering this country but the first and main reason is the religion of Islam rejects everything America stands for and the things that make America what we are, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence our Freedom of Religion (Muslims don’t have a choice, they submit to Allah or die) and our basic laws, Muslims follow Sharia Law which ironically, should in itself, be against the law. The differences between Islam and America would take entirely too much space to cover in this blog but I do encourage anyone to research Islam and learn for him or herself.

What I find troubling about the Orlando shooting is that it is being made into a homosexual thing. Hello, we had a Muslim go into a nightclub and kill Americans, yes, it was a gay nightclub, but it shouldn’t be a surprise that Islam is at war with the homosexual community the same as it is with America. There are numerous videos on YouTube and other Internet sites showing gay men being thrown off building to their death by Muslims who are following their laws and if they are still alive after hitting the ground they are then stoned until they die. Why are we so willing to criticize Trump for wanting to not allow these types of Muslims into America. We need to wake up and get over being politically correct. When you are found to be in violation of a Muslim law and are beheaded, burned by fire in a cage or dipped in acid, stoned to death or any other number of ways they kill people tell my how being politically correct as worked for you.

For Liberty and Freedom, Ernie


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