A Matter of Principle


Principle, sometimes that seems to be nothing more than just a word. Principle is a word that has many definitions, just like many words today. Principle, to someone who has malice intentions, principle might mean one thing while principle to a working person might have a meaning altogether different. Principle, according to Merriam-Webster, means the moral rule or belief that helps you know what is right and wrong and that influences your actions, a basic truth or theory, an idea that forms the basis of something.

Today we seem to be running short of people who understand the importance of principle. If we do have principle it has been redefined to fit the need of those whose “principle” runs opposite from moral good. In defense of those who are doing this they may not know that the principles they have adopted are destined to harm America, it’s citizens, and even themselves, being they have been lied to. Lied to by who, parents, teachers, clergy, politicians and others? The list could go on, all the way down to ourselves, yes, we have even lied to ourselves when it comes to principles. Who hasn’t made compromises to their own principles, to make themselves look good to someone else or compromised their principles to gain favor with a boss? It is a moral person who stands strong on their principles when everyone else gives in to the politically correct.

I believe our greatest source of deception in manipulating the thinking of out younger generation is our teachers especially at the college and university level, although; I can’t totally give a pass to some of our high school teachers. Recent events involving several college campuses across America indicates that a major flaw has occurred in the instruction at those locations.

• University of Missouri students demands the resignation of the President Tim Wolfe, which he did resign due to the threat of more disruptive protest.
• A Brown University student group called Sexual Assault Task Force discovered that a libertarian was going to speak and protested to the administration. The end result was there would be a “safe space” created for students upset by the debate; this space included cookies, coloring books, bubbles, Play-Doh, calming music, pillows, blankets, and a video of puppies. All that is needed is a nippled bottle with warm milk and spare diapers.
• Northwest University students marched to protest Professor Laura Kipnis pointing out what she termed the sexual paranoia evading campus life. Free speech is not free if it’s not what the student wants to hear, their feeling might be hurt.
• At Hampshire College, a student group that had invited Afrofunk band Shokazoba canceled the invitation because too many white musicians played in the band.
• Oberlin students want below-average grades abolished, no grade lower than a C. Mid-term exams replace with conversations, and freer time to participate in more activist movements.

This is a small sampling of the demands our college level students are making to the administration of colleges and some high schools. Yes, it is beginning to happen in some of our high schools. Many colleges and high schools are now offering safe rooms for LGBT groups to meet during class hours. How long will it be before there will be LGBT only classes or LGBT only schools?

Where do these ideas come from? From the liberal teachers and professors within our school system. The objective of a college instructor or professor should be the continued academics learned in high school only taking them further in depth and introducing students to instruction that will prepare them for entering the workforce at multiple levels. Somewhere in the past, college professors have lost focus of what their responsibilities are. Instead, they are teaching their individual socialistic thoughts. Our children/students tend to put too much emphasis on a person with the letters Ph.D. behind their name as if what that professor speaks come from the Holy Grail itself. These professors and teachers are teaching our children just enough to believe what they are being taught is the truth but not enough to question the theory. As I have said this before and will continue saying this; why do parents (grown functional adults) continue to send their children to these indoctrination campuses and funding them with tuition cost that is clearly too high and over priced for what the child is getting in return. Have we as parents grown so lazy and uncaring that we have reached a point that all we care about is our child getting that piece of paper with “Diploma” written across the top. Do we not care that our children are turning into full blown card toting socialist bordering on communist. My god people open your eyes and look at what is happening to your children. Let us transport ourselves back about 15-18 years  when your child was 5-8 years old and being dropped off a the local Kinder Care or any other day care center. Imagine what your response would have been if your child came home chanting socialist chants, questioning your decision to make more money than was deemed necessary to live on and wants you to share your money with the person who didn’t work as hard as you and didn’t make as much as you. Your child said that you no longer have the right to discipline them and threatened to call the police if you sent them to their room and god forbid would have you arrested if you spanked them. They demanded a “safe space” to hide in whenever you became angry. You no doubt would have taken your child out of that daycare and stopped making payments to a day care that was brainwashing your child. So, tell me this, what is the difference between day care and college. The only difference is your baby has grown physically but not mentally. You might say “ but it’s the principle of the thing” I don’t want my child singled out. I want my child to feel included. Read the bullet points above and imagine how weakened your child and our society will become if we don’t start raising responsible adults that realize life isn’t rose colored but does, in fact, have hurts, disappointments and yes, the occasional cutting word from another person. We need to teach them they have to do what so many “adults” in the past has done, grab your bootstraps pull on your boots and keep moving forward. If your child is one of those that still lives in the basement, depends on you to provide all their needs and cowers at the sound of a harsh word well, then, that is your fault. Of course, I guess you too can redefine principle and feel good about it. For Liberty and Freedom, Ernie


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