Democratic Election Tactics 2.0

With only eight months to go until the General Election we are going to be exposed to campaign tactics, I never thought would happen during an election in America. As I just wrote in my last post regarding the tactics of our current front runner, Donald Trump, and his continuing to call Ted Cruz “Lying Ted” I now find the National Enquirer has published an article claiming Ted Cruz has had an affair. I find the timing of this news release interesting due to the controversy in the Louisiana Primary. It seems there might be a possibility that Ted Cruz might pick up some if not all of the delegates the Rubio had. Donald has already threatened a lawsuit against Ted Cruz and is pushing the issue by saying “Just to show you how unfair Republican primary politics can be, I won the State of Louisiana and get fewer delegates than Cruz–lawsuit coming. (quote taken from Fox News online 03/28/2016).

I have not read the Enquirer article so the details of the story are unclear to me, however; I do not put a lot of truth in the story at this time. My gut feeling is that the story is following the same tactic used against Herman Cain when he was running for president. There were two women (if my memory is correct) who were said to have had questionable relations with Herman and the minute details of the relationship were not released. This story did not take any traction and was soon failing to discredit his campaign. When this story failed there were then several more women who miraculously came forward saying there was inappropriateness behavior on the part of Mr. Cain using text messaging and other means of contact. I recall Mr. Cain did have dinner with one but the details were never released. After continued repeated releases of the story more and more people started to believe it (tell a lie enough and all will believe it) and Mr. Cain eventually gave up his bid by President not wanting to stress his family any further. (That) was my only problem with Herman, what might have happened if our founding fathers, who also received numerous threats i.e. death threats, families kidnapped, forced bankruptcy’s, imprisonment etc. had stopped their efforts to bring a free America into existence?

As I said, I am not aware of the details of this story but from what I have read and heard, Ted Cruz was to have five women in the Washington DC area he has had affairs with. One is said to be a prominent attorney in DC. There is much controversy as to where this story originated and some feel it may have come from a past associate of Donald Trumps campaign team. One thing this story does not include is information that would offer authenticity to the story. In looking back at the Herman Cain situation, what stands out is none of the women came forward to the media. It has since been learned they, whoever they were, went to the campaigns of other candidates who broke the stories to the media. In today’s society you right the story first then the facts will establish themselves just as the actors will just appear. It doesn’t matter if the actors are legitimate or not the story has been written and the people reading it doesn’t care if it is truthful or not, they feel obligated to pass on the story in gossip fashion making it travel faster than a speeding bullet. In this case, the women do not have to prove the story as truthful but instead, Ted has to prove it didn’t happen which is next to impossible. All they have to do is continue saying (lying) that the affairs happened and the more they say it the more people will start to believe it. No one, the National Enquirer or the women, will have to produce any hard evidence. In the end, someone will have made a lot of money.

What his all proves is when you can’t win with your knowledge and ability then throw enough lies about the person who does have the knowledge and ability and you will knock them out of the race. Let us hope that the American people are smart enough to see what is happening.

For Liberty and Freedom,





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