Must We Go This Low To Become President

Are there no limits to the depths our Presidential candidates will go? Have we not yet reached the bottom of the gutter? Having had the opportunity to experience multiple elections going back to the 70’s and beyond I have come to realize the political atmosphere has changed and not for the good. It appears our presidential candidates are venturing deeper and deeper into the gutter of sleaze. There was the time when candidates pointed out their opponent’s lack of policy or lack of experience or even more important they spent their time promoting their own policies as they didn’t want to spend too much time talking about their opponent. As the years have passed our candidates on both sides have spread viciousness across the political platform but not to the harshness we are now experiencing. They are now talking about the size of a candidate’s appendage (I’m trying to keep this as family friendly as I can) and now are dragging the wives down into the muck. Without question, the person most responsible for this is Donald Trump. While Donald has slung more than his fair share of slanderous remarks he isn’t he only one guilty, but what bothers me most is that we Americans seem to not be bothered by this most undesirable trend in elections. Is that a reflection of our changing societal personality or is this an indication that we really don’t care anymore what a candidate does or says as long as it is our candidate that wins and wins be any means necessary. During the 2012 election, we experienced the destruction of Herman Cain’s bid for office due to the Democrat side bringing up two women who claimed there was sexual inappropriateness. When their story of these two women didn’t get the traction the democrat’s wanted they brought in more women discussing sexual advances between Mr. Cain and themselves and indicated there was phone text to back them up although nothing substantial was ever published or displayed. I found it strange that here was a man who had been CEO in several companies and having worked with hundreds of women and all they could find was about four or so. If a man in his capacity has a problem with unfaithfulness and infidelity he isn’t going to stop at four, the numbers would be in the high double digits, to say the least, look at Bill Cosby, the numbers were surprisingly high. Even more interesting is the fact that as soon as Herman stopped his campaign all allegations of adulterous behavior stopped. They accomplished what they set out to do, destroy a man’s run for President.

What has happened that we are accepting a candidate that only uses crude and rude remarks toward his opponents? All through the 2016 primary’s all Trump has done is trash the others. I do believe this was an attempt to ward off any questions regarding just “how was he going to make America great again. He still hasn’t given many real definitive answers. And, when the list narrowed he became more direct and vicious in his mockery. Marco Rubio became “Little Marco”; Ted Cruz has now become “Lying Ted.” Every time he mentions Ted He refers to him as Lying Ted. He is taking the Clintons and the Democrats approach that if you tell a lie enough people will believe it. Now it seems an anti-Trump Super Pac, Make America Awesome, which has no connection to the Cruz campaign and stated so in an ad, released a picture showing Melania Trump posing nude, which she did in 2000 for the British version of GQ. Cruz, nor his campaign, had any control over the release of this ad and Cruz has discredited the ad but that didn’t matter to Trump. Trump shot off a tweet saying “Lyin’ Ted Cruz just used a picture of Melania from a G.Q. photo shoot in his ad. Be careful, Lyin’ Ted, or I will spill the beans on your wife!” What beans? He went on with another tweet “Lyin’ Ted Cruz denied that he had anything to do with the G.Q. model photo post of Melania. That’s why we call him Lyin’ Ted!” Do we really want this man for president, a person who so far has only proven that he can hurl slanderous names and remarks at his opponents? Now, to muddle up the mess, even more, we have “The Nevada County Scooper” which probably refers to their using a cat box pooper-scooper in finding their stories, wrote a story saying that Donald Trump followed through on his threat and claimed that Heidi Cruz was a call girl, which isn’t true. The only people that read the Nevada County Scooper probably live their lives in the cat box but there will be those who believe the article. The only summation I can come to on this is that our society has, in fact, fell into the gutter of sleaze and we are enjoying wallowing around in all of the pig slop. For those who  don’t know anything about early pig farming slop was to feed the pigs. I believe society will only get worse. God help us.

For Liberty and Freedom, Ernie


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