What Does Blackish Enough Mean?

Having given much thought to this blog before starting it I want to set some ground rules. First, am I racist? No. Am I prejudiced or biased? Absolutely. Anyone who reads this has prejudiced or biased feelings toward something or some groups of people. Anyone who says they have none is lying. My prejudice and biased feelings are toward drug dealers, terrorist, gang members, thugs, spousal abusers, child molesters, pedophiles, elder abusers or anyone who wants to do harm or injury to any person, or group of people because of the color of their skin, position, nationality, heritage, age or religious beliefs that exist on Gods planet. I think I have covered everybody. If I missed you let me know and I will include you next time. But, unfortunately, not everyone thinks the same way. Some want to hold skin color, nationality, position or heritage against those who belong to that group. I thought we, as Americans, had begun to move away from the racial boundaries that existed in the 60’s and beyond. I thought we had moved through the race riots of the 60’s where we witnessed street warfare on a group of people because of their skin color. But according to some, apparently not. We have several actors in this arena: Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, several black radio pundits, celebrities, etc., that continue to feed the racial war because it puts money in their pocket. Anyone who believes Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton actually cares about the black person(s) they rush to the defense of, well, they need to make a trip to the restroom to relieve themselves of the Kool-Aid they have drunk so much of.

Now we have a whole new set of rules we are being forced to accept. These rules are being written by more than one group of people, black and white, even our educational system is joining the racial warfare. We now have colleges and universities and probably soon to be high schools that are allowing “safe areas” where only black people can go. Whites are not allowed. I can see it now, go to a store, college, or high school and you will see signs around saying “Whites Not Allowed”, or water fountains showing “Blacks only at this water fountain.” Are we getting to a point where we will have “Blacks Only” restrooms? I thought that was why we had the riots of the sixties, they, the blacks, wanted inclusion. I guess they did, only they only want inclusion for themselves. Why are we now having these discussions? We now have a new term “White Privilege,” actually, I think it is backward, it should read “Black Privilege” since they are the group allowed to dictate the standards everyone has to exist by. They are the ones who set the standards for “Hate Crimes”, “Hate Speech”, or any other “Hate (you fill in the blank)”, how can that be? Pretty much this has come about because someone created another term “Politically Correct”, while I am not a big fan of Ben Carson for president, he did make one very true statement and the National Prayer Breakfast a few years ago when he said, PC is very dangerous, here is a link to a short video of Dr. Carson, https://youtu.be/plZosg4RYcY. How is it that we, both black and white have allowed others to speak for us? Is it because the have letters behind their name i.e., B.A., M.A., M.F.A., Ph.D., or Ed.D.? Those last two, seem to be the downfall of the American Educational System if a person has Ph.D. or Ed.D. behind his name nothing else matters; anything he or she says is as good as if God Himself said it. Well, I’m here to say that hasn’t worked very well for us.

Now we have the Oscars coming up. It seems there is much uproar about there not being enough Black movies being nominated, not black actors but black movies. I don’t know what equates to a “black movie” unless there is absolutely no white person involvement at all. Again, they define the parameters without fully defining the definition. Black Privilege, remember. Through the years, we have had the government getting involved in business and government hiring of employees of color by creating the “Affirmative Action Program” where persons of color were hired on the basis of skin color and not necessarily ability. There was a lot of On The Job Training during those days. Now I guess we can expect to see an Affirmative Action Movie Production Program where the government will funnel money to the Black Screen Actors Guild if there is one, and black movies will be forced on the American public. We’ll see how that works. I know after reading this one would have to think I am the most racist person there is, actually, I’m not, I’m am a person who is tired of select groups of people who by coercion, deceit, manipulation of our educational system and media are directing the thoughts of others and not promoting self-thought or the art of thinking for yourself. We are no longer of the belief that we can think for ourselves, provide for ourselves etc., without the help or direction of those with the letters behind their name or our government. Lord help us, we are becoming a Fahrenheit 451 society.

For Liberty and Freedom


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