My Thoughts on the Donald

As some of you know, I am not a fan of Donald Trump. I have strongly questioned his ability to bring America back to where we want her to be and that is the leader in world affairs i.e., militarily, economically, spiritually, compassion where needed, and rescuer of the victims of rabid dictators when and where needed and maintain a very strong national economic level of growth.

God, when he created the heavens and earth, could have dispersed all of the resources equally amongst all the grounds later to become nations but he didn’t. He looked to this seemingly small section of land, compared to other nations, and set a vast amount of natural resources here because he knew that becoming the Christian nation we would become we would use and manage our resources for the good of everyone. I believe he intended for America to become the shinning country on the hill.

America is now in trouble, we are no longer respected, no longer feared in a respected way, we no longer hold the status we once held just a decade ago. If we don’t gain back that level of respect soon I fear America and all the dreams that our young children have and strive for will no longer be a reality and the many lives of our brave soldiers who gave their all for those dreams and freedoms will have been for nothing.  Whoever we choose to lead us forward we need to be sure he or she has the ability to conduct themselves with the highest level of integrity, character, and only with the thought of what will be good for America and the American people. Which brings me back to Donald Trump.

Donald, I believe is not the person for the Office of The President of The United States. I’m not going to try and persuade you into voting for the person I would like to see in the Oval Office, I just want you to look at Donald Trump through the lens of reality. The only real accomplishment he has achieved so far in this campaign is tapping in to the anger of conservative Americans. If any of the other candidates had done this then no doubt they would be in the front-runner position. But they didn’t and Donald did. But, does that make him the best person for the job of running the United States of America. I think not.

He has, over the years and recently, proven himself to be inconsistent when discussing policies dealing with multiple issues. These issues include:

  • Drugs
  • Abortion
  • Taxes
  • Gun Control
  • Health Care
  • Social Security
  • His feelings toward the Clinton’s
  • War on Terrorism
  • Our Military

He has consistently refused to give details on how he plans to return America to the great country we once were. He refuses to be interviewed by anyone he deems is unfriendly toward him. If he can’t handle simple interviews while running as a candidate how is he going to respond if he should become President? Now we are told that he is refusing to appear on the next Fox News Debate because Megan Kelly will be one of the moderators. If he can’t handle questions from Megan Kelly in a peaceful debate how is he going to handle Putin, Merkel, Kim Jung-Un or Xi Jinping to name a few. These leaders are ruthless in their demeanor and would rip off Donald’s head and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. They have no problem in pulling the preverbal trigger; life to them does not mean what it does to us.

He can’t even recite a book from the Bible correctly. A child who has spent very little time in the Bible knows that 1 is First and 2 is Second etc. It doesn’t take a Biblical Scholar to know that and his referencing a verse in the Bible to his being at Liberty University was very lame.

I truly believe that in the beginning he had no intentions of becoming President or even lasting this long in the race. I believe he only wanted the publicity to gain higher ratings for his next venture. Statements he has made, if made by anyone else, would have shut down their candidacy immediately but because it was Donald he just kept stumbling into higher ratings. He finally reached a point to where even he was falling victim to his own false sense of achievement. To make a statement that he could go out on a street in New York and shoot someone and his poll numbers would not drop is to say, well, at the very least, stupid. With this attitude, he has an arrogance that borders on megalomania, which for a president can be very dangerous. For this article, I have not given references as I encourage you to doubt me, question me and look up the information for yourself. Open your ears, open your eyes and especially open your mind as the truth is out there.


For Liberty and Freedom


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