War, Coming to a Backyard Near You

I prefer doing my blogs in a more timely manner relating to a major event, but I have been involved for two days in a dinner event in our church I haven’t had an opportunity to post my thoughts. Some of this will seem redundant but still I have a few thoughts to post.

Several days after the Paris attacks the thought occurred to me that we are about to see a major change in the tactics of ISIS, Al Qaeda or any other Islamic person or group who would choose to commit an act of terrorism in America. With America being as heavily armed as we (we being the armed citizen) are, we are the best defense against any armed attack from ISIS, Al Qaeda or a deranged American who has progressed from rational thinking to irrational thinking and has slipped through the radar of our very competent government. The fear that I mentioned to several friends and again at church over the last two days is I believe we will start seeing these attacks occurring more frequently but with one difference. I believe we will not hear the usual shouting of allahu akbar as often as we have in recent terrorist attacks. Our current gathering of Islamic Terrorist, who want to destroy America who also wants to see Americans disarmed, knows that our current administration wants to disarm Americans making us very vulnerable to continued attacks without the means of immediate self-defense. Without immediate Islamic ties, Obama can use work-place violence and they have no objection to Obama using their attacks as a tool to disarm Americans. Looking at any of the recent attacks, all of them have been in gun free zones, Paris is totally gun free with very few exceptions, the church in South Carolina was a gun free zone, the local college in Oregon was a gun free zone, the Planned Parenthood Center in Colorado Springs was a gun free zone, Sandy Hook Elementary School was a gun free zone, overall the vast majority of mass shootings in America have been in gun free zones. Why? Because shooter(s) know there won’t be any resistance. Islamic terrorist sees this and will capitalize on this. If you look at the videos of the Charlie Hebdo shooting you will see the shooters moving calmly through the streets shooting their victims without any fear of resistance, they have nothing to fear, they knew there would not be anyone with a gun to stop them. It is of utmost importance there is no interference during the event so the amount of carnage can be brought to a number that strikes panic and terror in America. If they confront a legally armed citizen the carnage (death) of innocent people would be minimal, if at all.

Our President, the habitual liar has already said, “we don’t know if this was a terror attack” or “workplace violence””. He is either by plan or by manipulation is being led down the road the Islamic Terrorist wants us to travel down. Again, I believe if the Islamic Terrorist doesn’t use the phrase allah akbar our President and administration can safely use work-place violence, far right extremist or any moniker they want to use. I believe the easiest way to determine if it is an act of Islamic Terrorism is to look at the name. While it is totally acceptable for a Muslim to lie for the sake of allah I don’t think they would be willing to do a name change to Smith, Jones, our any other plan American name. The Muslims or any other group from that region of the world places a lot of importance on their family lineage, so much so they probably would not be willing to give up their name and even if they did it would still be hard to hide other features that seem to be prevalent with Islamic terrorist.

If I seem to be “not” politically correct in my post then get over it. We are at war and this war has now been brought to “our” back yard. We cannot allow the Progressive Liberals to dictate that now is the time for political correctness. Political correctness is one of the reasons we are where we are today. Carly Fiorina recently made the statement on Fox News, “this is the cost of people being shouted down because they express an opinion that the left wing doesn’t like, this is what happens, people stop talking and we can not stop talking, we can’t stop speaking the truth and we can’t stop saying something if we see something, but that’s the cost when people demonize the messenger because they don’t like the message.” The other is the uncompromising desire of the left to disarm the American citizen.

If you look at world history you will find that America is one of only a few that hasn’t had a major war fought on her land, in her backyard. Before you go crazy I do realize we fought the American Revolutionary War and the American Civil War along with other short small skirmishes that were fought here or involved America but I am referencing to major wars fought within the last century. The rest of the world is in major conflict right now unless you want to include the propagated theory that America is in a race war which I believe is another lie born by the Progressive Liberals for their own feelings of self-recognition and importance. If we don’t have a major crisis to fit our needs create one. I am talking about Countries that have in the past been removed from the world politics and especially terrorism that are now being brought into the arena of war against Islamic Terrorism. War that is being forced on them and us, by the Islamic belief of “all shall submit to the will of allah”. Yes, I use a little a. I reserve capital letters to the one living God, the God of the Holy Bible.

Obama has recently made statements that would rate as almost comical if not so serious i.e., “We are the only advanced country on earth that sees this kind of mass shootings every few months” I guess France and especially Paris is not advanced. Paris is totally gun free. How does that work for them since they have a large number of terror attacks and Muslims hold a large percentage of the population?

Aljazeera English Magazine, on October 2, 2015, made the following statement at the bottom of an article, Obama says the US becoming ‘numb’ to mass shootings. “There have been 142 school shooting in the US since the Sandy Hook massacre, according to data compiled by Mass Shooting Tracker. On researching this site, I was amazed at what they included in they’re numbers of mass shootings in general. Domestic violence where several people were shot and or killed by a family member. Their school shootings list includes shootings that occurred inside the gun free zone of a school but not on actual school property. The list goes on in their attempt to raise the “mass shooting’ numbers to bring fear toward guns. The fact is that Obama is a habitual liar that uses the manipulation of numbers to raise fear in those that are inclined to believe all numbers as being fact especially if coming from the President.

Wayne LaPierre, the Executive Vice president of National Rifle Association (NRA) was recently shown on the front cover of The Daily News. The cover showed a photo of Syed Farook, saying He’s a Terrorist (but so are These guys) and shows the pictures of Robert Lewis Dear (Colorado Springs), Dylann Roof (Charlestown AME Church), Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook Elementary School), Christopher Harper-Mercer (Umpqua Community College) and off to the side it also said (AND this guy) showing a picture of Wayne LaPierre. The quest for labeling any person, who owns, believes in the Second Amendment or encourages anyone who can legally own a gun to do so, is now labeled a terrorist. When will this lunacy stop?

In summation, we are no longer in a position where we can argue left politics or right politics. We are now forced in a position to where we have to recognize there are people who want to kill us and destroy America. This is not the time to promote more gun laws when there is mounting evidence that increased gun laws don’t work and there is documented proof that gun violence is on the decrease in past yeas. We need to go to the root of the problem and discuss the moral issues plaguing America and I’m not talking about Muslims, I’m talking about the decline of America’s knowledge of simple truths and right and wrong. War, coming to a backyard near you.

For Liberty and Freedom


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