Why Does Everyone Want to Build Another Tower of Babel?

Looking at the news this morning I found an interesting article describing man’s unrelenting attempt to build the tallest structure. It appears Saudi Arabia is now constructing a building, The Kingdom Tower, that when finished will reach 3,280 feet toward the heavens. They have already reached the 26th floor. However, this record won’t be held long as Iraq southern Basra Province is planning to build a 3,779-foot “mega tall” skyscraper reaching up to the heavens.

This desire to reach the heavens with the tallest building is nothing new. This desire is another example of man’s quest to prove his ability to accomplish great feats on his own. The truth is he doesn’t need to look to material things in order to reach heaven. We are told in Genesis 11:1-9 the story of the Tower of Babel. In this story man in his feeble attempt to make a name for himself attempts to build a tower to reach the heavens. I would love to travel back in time and ask them “how did that work for you”? I would encourage you to read the scripture to see how the story ends.

Man fails to realize one very simple truth. We don’t need to build the tallest tower to reach the heavens; actually, it only takes one simple step and it does not take millions upon millions of dollars. All it takes is a simple prayer asking God to forgive you of your sins, turning from your sins and accepting Jesus Christ as being risen from the dead after three days and as your personal Savior. Now, wasn’t that simple. If you haven’t already accepted Christ as your Savior I would suggest you find one of your close friends who are Christian, you know who they are, and ask them questions and if you still have questions they can direct you to their pastor who can answer your questions and guide you through the Prayer of Salvation. Hey, it’s Christmas, what better time to accept Christ into your life.

For Liberty and Freedom


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