Who is the New American Victim? The White Man

Well, it took approximately Four Hundred Years give or take fifty or so years but the Black population through patience, persistence, rioting, demonstrating, and more recently hunger strikes and football teams saying they won’t participate in any athletic events has now totally victimized the white population. What are their reasons for victimizing the white man? No other reason than because “he is white”. White Privilege seems to be the new tag to hang on the white man.

The most recent event leading up to this blog is the resignation of the University of Missouri Tim Wolfe. What did Mr. Wolfe do to prompt himself to resign, absolutely nothing, except be white and give one unsatisfactory answer to a question that no matter what answer he gave it was going to be the wrong answer.

According to reports, there was a series of 4 events that the black student population complained to the school about. None of these events according to reports have been verified except the one in the restroom where swastika’s was painted over faces in the restroom and we don’t know who did those. But of course, we know it had to be a white student. Some of these events might not have even happen on campus. Now I guess a president of a school is responsible for what others are doing, i.e. non-students are doing in other parts of the city. No arrests have been made. No mention of police reports being made. No names given of the racist white male(s) believed to be students who yelled racial slurs at some of the black students. No tag numbers of either of the two trucks that were flying Confederate Flags as they drove by where 150 black students were protesting. Not one student thought to write down a tag number? As far as I can tell there was no one outside that group that even saw those two trucks. No real proof any of this happened at all other than someone said it did. We have come to a point in America where proof is not needed as long as it is a black person or group hurling accusations toward the white man.

Once the accusations are made everyone wants to get on board if for no other reason than for Political Correctness. The one part of this whole affair I find most troubling is that the coaching staff of the school supported the students and joined in with their demands for the firing of the President, but not until the team refused to play. Even the Governor came on board with the students. I really find it hard to believe that the job description for the Governor’s position in Missouri calls for him to take sides in whether or not a school president should resign or possibly be fired. As for my feelings toward the coaches, they should be fired for cowering down to this whole situation.

We, as Americans, have allowed segments of the black population along with the main street media to completely demonize the white population, just for being white. Why? Isn’t it the black population that has the most crime of blacks against blacks? Isn’t it the black population that has the highest numbers of blacks killing blacks? Isn’t it the black population that has the highest number of educational dropouts at every grade level? Isn’t it the black population that has the highest number of fatherless households? Isn’t it the blacks that have gained access to any school of higher education they want through government guarantees? Isn’t it the black population that had and still have equal rights guaranteeing them just about any job they want, just because they are black, just to find they can’t handle the job but still can’t be fired, just because they are black?

What we have, is a black population that is looking for something or someone to blame their failures on.


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