A Long Answer to a Short Question

I received an email response to my last follow up blog on homosexuality from a very good friend saying and asking this:

I know what the problem is.

They are trying to do away with our Christian beliefs.

The question is what are we going to do about it?

Here is my response

I believe, that as Christians, we are standing on a very delicate balance scale. We have to remember that Satan the great deceiver has lied to the gay community and he has lied to our governing body by using “Political Correctness.” There are other groups of people Satan uses e.g., Hollywood, music industry, educational systems etc. My thoughts are we need to take our “attack” for lack of a better descriptive to these fronts but using different methods on each battlefield.

To the LGBT group, we need to remind them that Christ does love them each as a person, but by allowing Satan to deceive them and continuing to commit their sin Satan controls their life. This is where it will take pastors who are good orators with an almost oracle ability and for this I refer to Merriam-Webster’s definition #2 describing an Oracle as a person giving wise or authoritative decisions or opinions, and for our younger (middle and high school age) I would use Merriam-Webster’s definition for kids: an answer given by a person through whom God speaks. Our pastors have got to let God speak through them not them saying what they think their congregation wants to hear. Now here is where the molasses gets real thick. These pastor’s have to be able to relate to these groups of people in reverent ways, that is using conversation in ways that these young minds can hold on to, giving them a reason to think and search Gods word for their strength and answers. The majority of adult Christians don’t know how to talk to this age group using words, terms and phrase they understand. I recall in one of my investigation classes we had to learn how to talk they’re language as well as read and write it as this new generation does. (WE), as Christians and Pastors can not change the hearts of these people, all we need to remember is “our job is to help open the door” so Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, can enter their heart and transform the sinner.

This is where we need to focus on God the Son because God the Father knew that we in the flesh would weaken and submit to Satan’s sinful ways. Their misguided thinking says that through Jesus all sins are forgiven so therefore there is no sin. Yes, there are no sins that can’t be forgiven through accepting Jesus Christ and “ONLY” Jesus Christ as the risen King and the only way to the Kingdom of God is through Him but how we present this is going to make the difference between Heaven and Hell for some child.

Why are the “gay” pastors so successful in bringing the weak to their thinking? They refer to the Old Testament as the unfair and unjust God and refer to Jesus as the understanding and accepting Jesus. Nothing is said about asking for forgiveness only that Jesus accepts them, as they are, even gay. And He does, however, He also recognizes that homosexuality is a sin and seeks to forgive them but only if they ask for forgiveness.  Asking for forgiveness means, one has to understand they are committing a sin and the “gay church” can’t allow that to happen. Our pastors need to have an ever-increasing understanding of Jesus Christ through the New Testament and be able to relate to the appropriate age group through conversation they can understand. We can no longer fall back on “it’s a sin because God says it is” These kids today need to know how and why it is a sin and how it affects them and those around them.

The next battlefield we are presented with is our politician’s. This is probably the simplest battle to win. We need to come together as a church representing Gods people and elect only representatives that are in this mindset and willing to stand up against political correctness for what is right. The church has to become involved with our political process and bring issues to the congregations in such a way that it is not offensive but informative while reminding the congregation why it is important to become politically involved and vote. The alternative up to this point hasn’t worked very well. There are going to be those who say it is in Gods’ hands, and they are right, ultimately it is, but God put us here to fulfill the great commission (Matthew 28:16-20) so his people, who are every person on earth, can see what he wants for them and us. We can’t do that hiding in our closets, our homes and in our church. We need to vote out the people who continually vote against the Word of God and we can learn who that is by looking at past voting records and learning what the bills involve. Is it hard? Yes, it is. Is it worth it? Yes, it is. I want God to say, “well done good and faithful servant” when I come before him.

The third battlefield is our sight and sound arena. Satan has found incredible weapons to use against our children in movies, television, magazines, and sports. Our children and young adults have placed our actors and actresses and sports professionals who are constantly in the limelight on a pedestal equal to or higher than God. Who allowed this media outlet to so tightly control our children? We did, by not being involved in our children’s lives. A child will find a hero somewhere. If one of these celebrities says something the peer pressure forces them to concede and go along with “the crowd”. The same goes for our athletes. Our children see their sudden rise to fame, the money, women, sex, and drugs and from a young mind that looks enticing. The problem is they are only mimicking us as adults. Look at the uncontrolled adults who live by their team whether it is pro sports, college or even high school sports. Go to any major sporting event and look at the body painting fathers are putting on their selves. What message is this telling our children? Fantasy sports are the latest tool Satan uses to bring unsuspecting adults and young adults into his fold. Once they experience this false sense of accomplishment Satan has them hooked. They see what the rewards are in following this lifestyle and focus only on that. Domestic violence rises on major game days if the father’s favorite team fails to win. He becomes so angered he takes it out on his wife and kids, which starts another cycle of violence, as the child sees this they grow older and continue the cycle of violence. Man loses, Satan wins.

This is a long answer to your question and still does not cover it completely. I can sum this up with this; everything you just read and we as a society are experiencing is because

  • Preachers, for the most part, don’t learn how to present Gods word to different audiences. I DID NOT SAY change Gods word, just present it in a way that is better understood by those who need it so much.
  • To the parents who have empowered the educational system to raise their children because they didn’t want to take the time away from their lives. Also to the parents who don’t take the time to know what their child is involved in.
  • To our politicians, who have strayed from the direction God intended for this country to go. I truly do believe God intended for America to be the shining country on the hill.
  • To our educators who have control of our children’s minds for 6-8 hours a day, they need to teach in a way that is relevant to Gods word, they can do this without having bible verses memorized in class or even reading from the Bible, although that would be nice. They need to ensure the facts of America’s history are correct and not history rewritten by revisionist for the politically correct.

For Liberty and Freedom, Ernie


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