Modern Day Sodom A Follow-Up

Modern Day Sodom
A Follow-Up

This is going to be a short follow-up to my last blog. I have made several statements in the past that there are underlying goals the LBGT groups are focused on. These goals have been subdued from the beginning and have been secluded from the main street media and from the straight population and the Christian churches in general. We have been led to believe it was all about equal rights under marriage laws. The LBGT groups claimed they did not hold the same rights as a spouse under the then current marriage laws. This is bull excrement, plain and simple.

Anyone who has read my blogs and emails or listen to any of my discussions knows that I have made statements that the LGBT groups with the support of non-Christians, Agnostics, and Atheists have made it very clear that as Christians we are to keep our thoughts and beliefs to ourselves in our homes, Sunday school classes and within the four walls of our churches. I have also said that as a group we have followed direction very well and as such that if changes aren’t made we are going to silence ourselves into extinction. Well I have again been vindicated.

Unless you live in Georgia you probably do not know about the case against an Atlanta Fire Department Chief Kevin Cochran. This Chief has been terminated for holding to his Christian beliefs and in believing a marriage is between one man and one woman and opposed homosexuality. As a Christian and a leader in his church, he wrote a short book concerning this issue. According to statements he has made he ran it past the HR department for approval and he did pass it out to a few select individuals inside the Fire Department he thought he could trust. Apparently a copy fell into the wrong hands and complaints were made. Atlanta’s illustrious Mayor Kasim Reed, who follows the wind in whatever direction it blows as long as he feels it will contribute to his political future, ended the career of Kevin Cochran. Several hearings have taken place and most recently last week revealed a truth that should be the topic of all upcoming discussions in the church and among Christians.

An article in The Daily Signal by Kelsey Harkness tells us:

The city of Atlanta made “dangerous” admissions in a court hearing today, argued the lawyer for the former Atlanta fire chief who was terminated from his job after controversy related to a religious book he authored that included his views on homosexuality.
“[The city] actually argued that you’re entitled to have beliefs and opinions, but you have to keep them to yourself, inside the four walls of your house or your church—that you shouldn’t bring them out into the public, and you shouldn’t bring them out if you’re employed by a government agency,” Alliance Defending Freedom senior counsel David Cortman told The Daily Signal. Emphasis mine.

Occasionally, we are rewarded with a tidbit of truth although this tidbit is the size of Stone Mountain. Here is the truth; Marriage equality isn’t at all about equal marriage for same-sex couples, it is only about doing away with marriage entirely and trying even with more intent focus to do away with Christianity. Without Christianity, there can be no guilt. There can be no substantial argument against any currently recognized sin. The city of Sodom is just down the road and around the corner.

For Liberty and Freedom.   Ernie


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