Trans Changed: The New American Citizen

The Beatles released a song in 1966 called Eleanor Rigby in this song were the lines “All the lonely people where do they all come from? All the lonely people where do they all belong”? The incredible thing is those words are especially proving true today. We have so blurred the definition of individuality and the roles of male and female to the point that if someone is not happy with their life they can just take on another life.

The most recent and by far the most recognized is the “journey” that Bruce Jenner set out on last year by his so-called sex change. I believe we must look at his life and the lives of others prior to and after they have made this choice to change the body they were born with. I will be up front and say that I personally do not know anyone that has transgendered into the opposite body. Yes, I did use the word body versus sex, because there is no sex change. There is only the outward appearance change from one body to the other. Just because a male goes through the medical procedures of injections, Adams Apple shaving, penis removal and restructuring the penal nerves and skin into what resembles a vagina along with other procedures doesn’t make him a female it just makes them look like one. Why are we so fast to justify the changing of the body from one appearance to another by surgery instead of looking for ways to enhance or tweak the male or female characteristics of their current body into a stronger essence of the body they were born with? Having known several men who have taken testosterone therapy all of which stated it made them feel more like a man than they ever knew they could experience leaves me asking that question. Bruce Jenner obviously was not happy with his life and had become very despondent. Living with the Kardashians didn’t exactly give him a feeling of masculinity. He was always in the background. A large number of young people under the age of 25 didn’t remember or know that he was an Olympic Gold Medalist. Some didn’t even know who Bruce Jenner was. All of the media attention is on the females of the house not poor “old Bruce.” As soon as he made it public that he was undergoing this journey all the media attention turned to him and remains on “him” at least for the time being but what will happen when he falls from the spotlight and he is just an old confused man in a woman’s body. Where do they all belong? While I have focused on Bruce the focus could just as easily been on any number of confused people who are neglected, confused but especially mentally despondent in their lives.

Enter a whole new era of these people because now we have a whole new society of trans-people. People that are so insecure in their current life they are unknowingly succumbing to the influences of a thought process that would take a whole medical school to diagnose. Oh wait, these schools are assigning new medical terms to these ridiculous thought processes and encouraging them to undertake their own journey. Instead of helping them to work through their feelings they are condoning their feelings. The newest term at least to some people is “trans abled” this is a term that reached a new low, very low, where a person feels they are born handicapped in a normal body and yes, there are doctors who are removing body parts so these people can feel more fulfilled.

Now we have a term I will use although I haven’t heard it officially used and that is Trans-Colored. Just in the last week we have another person in the spotlight and that is Rachel Dolezal. Rachel is a 37-year-old white female that thinks she is black. Rachel Dolezal, is the current president of the Spokane, WA. NAACP. Her parents, Lawrence and Ruthanne Dolezal, have come forward producing a Birth Certificate showing she was born on November 12, 1977 in Lincoln County, Montana. Both Lawrence and Ruthanne are white and Rachel is white. The couple did adopt four children two of whom were black, while Rachel was still at home and in her teenage years. This is where her mental process started to become disillusioned. She started aligning herself with the black population during this time. The question is why? I believe it is due to two psychological tendencies: the first being what is called “Stockholm Syndrome.” While this term has been primarily used as a law enforcement term it can apply to Rachel. Merriam-Webster defines Stockholm syndrome as: the psychological tendency of a hostage to bond with, identify with, or sympathize with his or her captor. Looking at that definition and removing the forced hostage or captor portion you have a young female who is impressionable and being consumed with the social systems involvement in the adoption of the black children thus she started becoming connected to the needs of the black person. She was also involved in the Voice of Calvary a racial reconciliation community development project where blacks and whites live together. During this time the person speaks, sounds and acts and takes on the mannerisms of the culture you live in. It was a result of this social experiment that she became (sympathetic) with and took on the second tendency and that is the “persona” of a black person. She further fell victim to her misaligned thoughts by darkening her skin and styling her hair as a black female would. She became so entwined in her own deception that she had a picture of a black man she claimed was her father and was able to fool the Spokane NAACP into electing her as their president.

Where is all of this social deception going? The phrase, being led down a slippery slope proves to be true. What has happened over the last two decades that has brought society to openly accept gender re-alignment, not identifying the sex of a child at birth and letting them decide later in life which they choose to be, allowing a school age boy to decide if he wants to be a boy or girl on any given day and provide him the right to use which ever restroom he wants? We are now society where a child can leave a note telling their mom they are now a person of the opposite sex and the parent doesn’t have the right to counsel their child? We have a school system where God can’t be mentioned but we can have LGBT clubs and encourage children to become involved. We have churches that have opened their arms and doors to the homosexual community to come into their church, not as a forgiven sinner but as a leader of the church. We teach the atrocities of Hitler killing 5 Million Jews but say nothing of the killing of 50 million babies in the name of abortion. I believe very much in God and in Gods word. I can only turn to the book of Genesis Chapter 19 and Isaiah 9:8-21 and the Book of Revelation especially the last third of the book to find answers. We as a society and as a nation have turned our back on God and for this we will pay.

For Liberty and Freedom, Ernie


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