Guns, Guns Every Where There’s Guns

Fox 411, Fox News, January 14, 2015

Action star Liam Neeson thinks its okay to have lots of guns in his movies, but not okay for U.S. citizens to have lots of guns.

While promoting “Taken 3” in Dubai, Neeson told Gulf News “there’s too many [expletive] guns out there. Especially in America. I think the population is like, 320 million? There’s over 300 million guns. Privately owned, in America. I think it’s a [expletive] disgrace.”

Well, so much for me seeing Taken 3. I find this type of [expletive] reaction completely ridiculous without any thought on the part of the person saying these ridiculous statements. If I remember correctly Arnold Schwarzenegger made the same or similar statements after becoming Governor of California. 
I would like to ask Liam Neeson to look at the video of the terrorist in Paris last week very closely. Since he has had so much experience in espionage, 3 movies now, and is very observant he should see what I saw with no trouble. During the often repeated video of the shooters after their attack on the Charlie Hebdo we see them casually walking in the roadway where they casually shoot an [unarmed] police officer. They are then shown casually walking around their car shouting “we have avenged our prophet, we have avenged our prophet”. 
Here is where this becomes very interesting. As they get into their car and drive away they are confronted by a police car that stops in front of them blocking the road, the officer(s) inside know who they are face to face with and they cowardly back up avoiding the terrorist. Why were the terrorist so casual and why did the police cower? 
NO ONE and I do mean NO ONE had a gun to stop them. Paris is a gun free zone. I would like to  ask them how did that work for them. There has been many interviews since this attack from seemingly well-educated people on Fox News with some saying they don’t understand why we haven’t seen these types of attacks here. Well, here is the answer. WE HAVE GUNS. According to Liam Neeson we have over 300 million guns. Even the most ignorant prophet worshipping terrorist knows they will get their [expletive] shot off before they even get started good. Liam Neeson needs to be more thoughtful in making such [expletive] statements especially as well-trained as he obviously is. Just a thought

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