Just One Question

Just one question. When are the anti-gun groups going to Pakistan to launch a gun registration law, gun buy back programs etc.? After all we can’t have those evil guns over there running loose.

Once again I step up on my guns is not the problem soapbox. This article is only to encourage you to look beyond their rederick and too often misleading facts and conduct your own research, you might find some interesting facts as you go.

According to some of the radio talk shows there seems to be some who are looking to use the Pakistan school shooting to fuel their anti gun rants over here. Do these people just sit in eager anticipation waiting on another school shooting. I’m sure they get all giddy when one occurs. I’m not saying they want children to be killed but as Rahm Emanuel once said “never let a good crisis go to waste”. They must have a school shooting radar somewhere that alerts them. Also, I will apologize here for any grammatical or spelling errors as I did all my research and typing on my cellphone while working a part time job.

According to my non-scientific study (Wikipedia) there have been 352 school shootings in America since 1966. This number includes approximately 40 which either committed suicide or were shot and killed by police or other armed persons. The highest number at one school was Virginia Tech with 33.
Yes, three hundred and fifty two deaths are too many but I will always argue that gun control is not the answer. Do your research and see how many of the student shooters were on or recently on mind altering prescription medications and just took it upon themselves to stop their medications or increase their dosage without supervision. Something triggered these people, the guns just didn’t jump into their hands making them commit these acts. There are no shortage of articles on the internet showing the problems associated with psychotropic drugs especially when unsupervised and until we learn to recognize the source of hyperactive learning disabilities and use corrections other than chemical medications we will continue to have undesirable results.

Oh, just one more thought, Islam, the religion of peace. Yeah right.

For Liberty and Freedom

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