Is America Headed for a Second Kristallnacht?

Is America Headed for a Second Kristallnacht?

Has America reached a point that another Kristallnacht could happen? A close look at America and one might say yes. To those who refuse to realize that as Christians we won’t ever live in harmony at least not until Christ returns this blog probably won’t be read. To those who understand that there are groups that want to kill us then read on.

Can America, the land that we love, where the deer and the antelope play and never is heard a discouraging word become a country where we as Christians are going to be hunted down, beaten and killed and our churches burned and destroyed? Has history forgotten Kristallnacht? What is Kristallnacht?

Kristallnacht, according to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, literally means “Night of Crystal or the Night of Broken Glass,” and this week is the 76th Anniversary of that horrific event. The name literally comes from the description of the streets being covered with so much broken glass in the wake of the pogrom that it appeared as crystal was lying on the roadways. The name pogrom refers to the wave of violent anti-Jewish pogroms (a violent riot aimed at massacre or persecution of an ethnic or religious group, in this incident aimed at Jews) that took place on November 9th and 10th, 1938, throughout Germany and other places by German Storm Troopers and other elite units. During the pogrom it was reported that only 91 Jews died although that number is disputed and rightly so because it doesn’t take into account the number that died in the days and weeks following from their injuries. It was estimated that 276 synagogues was destroyed along with an estimated 2000 Jewish owned businesses. In the aftermath of it all the German leaders blamed it on the Jews. Now, what does that have to do with America?

One would think that in this 21st Century we would be beyond the persecution of people because of their religious beliefs, but just look at the number of non-Muslim Christians in foreign countries that are being persecuted and killed because of their belief in Jesus Christ as Savior; not to mention the Islam converts that have turned to Christianity. But, here in America we would never expect to find persecution of Christians.

The persecution of Christians here in America is strong and growing stronger. This is not anything new. If people would look beyond their reality TV and their Entertainment Tonight, The Daily Show (yes, the Daily Show is sometimes hostile toward Christians) and others they might be surprised just how hostile this country is toward Christians.

The display of anti-Christian sentiment is seen in both local and regional gatherings, Hollywood celebrities and special interest groups. It is the special interest groups in my opinion that presents the most dangerous level of threat to our Christian beliefs and American freedoms. The most visible of these groups seem to be the Islamic/Muslim groups. There are approximately 28 states plus the District of Columbia that has at least one group and several states has more then 10 groups.

We as a citizenry and as Christians have become too complacent in our daily lives to see that we are just an eyes blink from uncontrolled persecution here in our streets. It has been proven in multiple countries that when the government and it’s people become comfortable with certain groups it is those groups that will do the most harm. The progression toward this hostile takeover is slow; patience is a virtue and will always give defeat to the unseeing.

Below are just a few of the videos available on You Tube for you to view. Now I will be the first to say there are radical videos on You Tube, however spend a few minutes and be creative and see how many ways you can search for videos relating to the Islamic take over of the world.

1. You Tube video – Muslim Halal Food Sales Supporting Terrorism

2. You Tube video – Islamization of Paris a Warning to the West

3. You Tube video – Pigs Lipstick and Islam. This is a Wild Bill for America video. Gotta love his cowboy hat.

The one way Muslims have been successful in gaining a foothold on the American way of life is to first require something as small as a store carrying Halal food then the next step might be to ask for an isle or a section to be dedicated to Islamic foods then they will require that only Muslims be allowed in those sections and separate check outs so a Muslim doesn’t have to stand behind an Infidel. If you find this hard to accept and refuse to believe it then Google several request looking for Muslim populations within states and see where the largest numbers are. Beyond the food request by Muslims the most dangerous aspect of Muslim integration is Sharia Law. Our court system seems defiant on not making a clear call on whether or not Sharia Law will be recognized in our court system and some courts appear to be leaning toward allowing Sharia Law. If Sharia Law ever is allowed to be included in our judicial system we are definitely in deep trouble.

Islam is now the second largest religion in America and the fastest growing. How long will it be before we all have to hear the daily call to prayer in our cities? Copy and paste the link below to see what happens five times a day in Hamtramck, MI., which has been called a model Muslim city.

Kristallnacht was not an event that spontaneously happened. It came about after years of groundwork by Hitler planting ideas in the minds of select leaders and then being instituted in the minds of everyday citizens much like you and I. The Jews up to that point were an integral accepted part of civilization both in the business realm and the social aspect. Hitler, having a focused hate toward the Jews was able to channel that feeling of hate to his selected leaders. Christians in America are beginning to experience this feeling of disdain from the political left and other groups that do not represent the majority of Americans. It’s amazing how so few people can control so many. The minority has learned very well how to use political correctness and bring much fear to others when the thought of being labeled comes into play. We, the majority of Americans and God fearing Christians, have become cowards in the face of our belief, freedoms and way of life. We are so fearful of being labeled racist, homophobes, Islamophobes etc., that we have allowed the minority groups to convince us to stay in our Sunday School rooms, Church’s etc. and keep our mouth’s shut. I am sad to say we follow directions really well. The problem with this is the minority continues to grow in strength as well as numbers and Hollywood celebrities shouting out their rhetorical terms toward Christianity only feeds their numbers.

We are witnessing the rise of violence in America right now. Ft. Hood, Texas massacre where Nidal Malik Hasan shot and killed 13 people and was shouting “Allaha Akbar” while shooting is being referred to as work place violence by the Obama Administration and the media outlets, the beheading of a female worker in Oklahoma is also being referred to as work place violence and racially motivated even though he was shouting Islamic phrases not understood by those around him. In both of these incidents the attackers recited Islamic quotations that our government refuses to say was terrorism.

The progression of anger toward Christians in America is slow but it is growing. How long will it be before we have our Kristallnacht?

For Liberty and Freedom. Ernie












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