The year, 1969; the location, can’t remember, but a young woman’s apartment in Atlanta; the woman’s name, I don’t even remember; the mission, I was 18 years old. What I do remember was this was my first exposure to plight in Africa. Isn’t it strange how some events in life seem to burn a picture in our memories and others we forget as soon as we walk out the door? While there is so much I don’t remember about that evening, what I do remember is that she had hanging in her front room a picture of a young 5 or 6 year old black boy with his belly protruding out to the point – I remember saying “… this boy looks pregnant.” She quickly jumped to “educate me” and explained the boy suffered of extreme hunger and is from Africa. She added that she supported UNICEF, which provides food for needy children, and they sent her this picture. Move ahead 45 years.

The year 2014, the location: West Africa; the secondary location: America. Forty or so years have gone by since being in that woman’s apartment. She was sending money to a region and was sure her money would provide an end to the hunger and plight that seems to flourish in that region. The hunger has not been subsided. Since that era, not only do we still have extreme hunger – we now have multiple diseases that seem to be unbeatable because of the culture itself. I only became aware of this plight in her apartment that night but the cause has been going on longer than that. Over the last half-century or so Billions if not Trillions of dollars has been spent in that continent without any real definitive success being shown.  The number of television commercials soliciting for our money has become an industry into itself and that is just here in America. When the help of other top-level countries is included there is probably no money-counting machine able to add the resources sent to those locations. Why are we so willing to send money?

To answer that question we have to look into our own culture and other developed cultures. We have been led to believe through our education system that we are the privileged few in this world. That we have been given all the advantages and are far more fortunate than we deserve. That if it were not for America all the other nations would be far better off. That feeling of guilt that has been induced on us plays into the unlimited giving to these organizations that portray a child suffering as he walks through garbage and a child that will surely become deathly ill by morning if he or she continues to drink from water that has sewage infused into it.  Now let me say I do agree that there are problems in this world. People do die of what some would call inhuman diseases, in Africa alone, the list of some of the worst diseases is: 1. Ebola. 2. HIV/AIDS with approximately 33 million infected and by complication from AIDs, one is Pneumonia, which kills or effects 800,000. 3. Diarrhea over 4 billion cases with over 2 billion dying each year. The list goes on.  To deny these conditions and illnesses exist would be illogical for anyone to argue. But at what point do we ask ourselves where is all of this money going and why do we always have to give only money. Okay, I know there are other products and items that are making their way to these regions but by and large money seems to be the first response. After more than a half of century with all the money that has been collected you would think some if not a majority of these concerns would be remedied. The question that has to be asked is “do they want it stopped”?

I recently read a most interesting book titled Shadow Party by David Horowitz. An incredible book that I believe is out of print but can be found on Amazon. I encourage everyone to read this book. In this book the author does a very good job of showing how our generosity and wanting to believe “all that is spoken is the truth attitude” can and is used against us. (If you haven’t figured out yet from the title of this blog page and from my approach to other subjects that I would consider myself a Conservative you must have been looking for a 420 meeting when you found this Blog.)  In this book it describes how George Soros and other very influential politicians, celebrities and others of societal statue along with some organizations use their influence to lure us into sending money to their selected charities and organizations. Through these organizations money is diverted to programs and other organizations that parallel their desired route they think society should take. After reading this book and other books I believe there are people that do not want society’s illnesses, diseases and other devastating conditions stopped because there influx of needed money would be greatly diminished.  The reduction of money would hinder their goals for society.

The purpose of this blog was to bring focus on West Africa, the Ebola Disease along with other diseases and how it is affecting America. We have been told that Ebola would be contained in Africa and that the fear of it spreading here was minimal if not non-existent.  Then we learn they are sending one doctor and one health care worker to Atlanta for treatment. Then we learn that more are being sent here supervised and then the unthinkable happened we had a documented case of Ebola reported here, in Dallas, Texas. The patient came here from West Africa, specifically from Liberia, one of the top 5 countries reporting Ebola. Now we find there are other cases believed to be Ebola related but the blood tests are still out waiting for results. Will we be told how many cases are here in America? That depends on just how bad the Obama Administration wants to keep their appearance up due to the upcoming elections. Are we being told the truth now? I really don’t think we are. Will we ever know the truth? Unfortunately, I fear so. Will we keep giving money to charities and organizations without investigating them to know how our money is being used? Yes, until our pockets are empty. Will West Africa ever become a healthy place to live? Not as long as we are willing to give money.  For Liberty and Freedom. Ernie.


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