Can the bumper sticker COEXIST be right?

Coexist التعايش 共存 сосуществовать No matter what language or font style you use the answer to the coexist question will always be an unequivocal NO.   I love seeing these bumper stickers on the back of cars and then drive up to the side of the car and see the person behind the wheel. Usually, the driver appears to be in a state of confusion, lost or just left their 4 20 meeting and looking for the next available gathering. Most (the word most is appropriate in this writing) all of the cars that has this bumper sticker usually has multiple other stickers that are about as meaningless as their 4 20 conversations. Everything from tree hugging to rock bands, numerous symbols and somewhere stuck in the middle of all those stickers you will always find an Obama Biden sticker. If it is liberal in any stretch of the word you will find here.   Working a part time job at a high school where there are more than enough cars to visually stimulate you with stickers I find all of the kids driving these cars to be liberal in their politics which is no surprise. There are liberal, democrat stickers depicting whatever democrat is running for office in their area. These cars are usually the small as in VERY small cars that only one person can fit into comfortable or are cars that run on both gas and electric. Now there are cars that I can also identify as being the more conservative students as they will most likely have stickers relating to hunting, guns, compound bows and of course Bass Pro Shops, Cabelas or Gander Mountain along with deer hunting, bird hunting, fishing which are all displayed proudly. But,,, back to the Coexist bumper sticker   After talking to several people who have these stickers on their cars I find they usually don’t have a clue as to what each of the symbols represents or any idea of the history behind the symbol. These are the peace at any cost people. They will gladly sell their security, health care, freedom or whatever just so we can all coexist. Because with coexistance there is no hate, there is no fighting, there are no wars, nobody has any wants and what ever wants they do have are going to be provided for by somebody. Some don’t believe the Twin Towers was an act of war by terrorist they believe it was our government that planted the bombs and flew the plans into the buildings. There are some that believe all pictures off the twin towers and the Pentagon were Photoshopped. Like I said too many 4:20 meetings.   I strongly encourage anyone who wants to find the truth to pick up a Bible and read it. John 14:6 states very clearly that Jesus said “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. I also recommend everyone find a copy of the Quran and read it also to see where these terrorist are finding their “spiritual” guidance. Study Mohammad and those that have chosen to follow him. There are over 80 verses in the Quran that refers to killing unbelievers and from the Hadith you will find many more verses. We can never expect to win the war if we don’t know our enemy. And anyone who doesn’t believe the religion of Islam is not our enemy well, it’s almost 4 20 and I don’t want you to be late.    For Liberty and Freedom. Ernie


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